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Unilock StoneMark

Nature doesn’t usually lend itself to imitation. It’s unique. It’s special. The coarse, random look of natural flagstone would seem to be at odds with the smooth, molded surface of a concrete product meant to replicate it. But at Unilock, such limitations are merely a challenge to be overcome, and our StoneMark collection is proof of our ambition.

  • Natural Stone Appearance
  • Dimensionally Accurate
  • Easy to Install

To capture the hard, rugged look of natural stone, we use Reala technology. It’s how we’re able to cast a unique set of pavers or wall units from actual flagstone molds. With such a high degree of variation between moulds, we ensure that each StoneMark product will look different once put into place. This avoids the kinds of repeating patterns that would expose lesser-quality pavers as knock-offs. Next, we employ careful color-blending techniques to further capture the unique variations found in natural stone.

We don’t stop there. Real stone is not merely a surface pattern; it has a unique texture and strength that has made it such a common building material throughout history. But that same texture makes stone vulnerable to trapped dirt. StoneMark sidesteps this risk with a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process that produces surfaces that are very smooth to the touch. Not only does this make StoneMark products easier to clean than stone, they are also more comfortable to walk on.

Add to the mix the trusted strength of manufactured concrete products and you have a truly elegant, versatile, and resilient building material. Use StoneMark to add a classic finishing touch to any pool deck. Build rugged retaining walls for fine gardens and hillsides. Grace any outdoor space with the rough-hewn charm of natural cut flagstone, leaving the cost and maintenance requirements of real stone behind.


At Unilock, we’re constantly searching for ways to make our products stronger and enduring—but never to the detriment of lasting beauty or color retention. That’s why we’re constantly testing our products— for their compressive strength and their environmental durability. StoneMark is a great example of a high-quality product that does more than just hold great weight; like natural stone, it’s designed to last.

With such an intricate manufacturing process, StoneMark delivers on our core promise of strength, versatility, and effortless beauty. Whether you’re in need of a material strong enough to endure public use on a commercial lot or you want to impress a homeowner looking for a durable, elegant stone-like structure, StoneMark offers more ways than one to a gorgeous, timeless hardscape surface.

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