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Unilock® launches EcoTerra,
reducing CO2 emissions by up to 15%

Experience a new, greener era in hardscaping with revolutionary EcoTerra technology. Its 100%  face-mix boasts high compressive strength, longer-lasting colors, and up to a 15% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. No cement, means no efflorescence — just a low-maintenance, durable, and eco-friendly solution.

  • 100% Cement – Free Face-Mix
  • Low Maintenance, Durable & Eco-Friendly
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Award-Winning EcoTerra Technology
Why Select EcoTerra For Your Hardscape Projects?
EcoTerra is On-Trend With Homeowner Purchasing Preferences

After 7 years of extensive work, a new binding agent was developed as an alternative to cement, and is now being used in the top layer of EcoTerra. This helps to provide high compressive strength, low water absorption, and is considerably less carbon-intensive to produce. For hundreds of years, cement has been used to create concrete. Now, EcoTerra technology is changing the game and revolutionizing the paving industry

  • High Compressive Strength
  • Low Water Absorption

EcoTerra pavers excel in structural performance, providing a substantial impact on the environment. Their high compressive strength (> 12,000 psi) makes them more durable and longer-lasting than traditional paving products, while their low absorption rate (< 5%) helps with freeze-thaw climate effects.

EcoTerra is denser, featuring closed pores that help repel water and prevent dirt and stains from penetrating its surface. This characteristic makes it not only structurally superior but also easier to clean and maintain.

Given these products are produced with zero cement in the surface layer, EcoTerra pavers produce zero efflorescence, as there is no limestone and cement reaction. All the while, these products retain their vibrant colors, even longer.

EcoTerra not only has superior performance features, but it also helps lower your carbon footprint, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 15%. The benefit to your clients is an eco-friendly product that’s gentler on the environment, and the satisfaction in knowing that you are committed to eco-friendly practices.

  • Easier To Clean
  • Zero Efflorescence
  • Vibrant Colours Last Longer
  • CO2 Emissions Reduced By Up To 15%

Market research indicates a growing passion among homeowners for sustainable living and environmentally responsible choices. Homeowners are continuing to seek out eco-friendly solutions, recognizing their responsibility to protect the environment. Purchasing sustainable products is not only extremely satisfying for homeowners but also a tangible way for them to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to the latest HomeStars Reno Trends Report from 2023:

  • 79% prefer selecting sustainable products.
  • 59% used green products for renovations in the past year.
  • 66% are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly products.

Given these trends, it’s evident that purchasing sustainable products is a priority for homeowners. EcoTerra, as a paving solution, aligns perfectly with this growing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives, offering a more sustainable choice for homeowners.

EcoTerra Is The Right Choice

EcoTerra is a cutting-edge paving technology that offers a sustainable solution without compromising on quality. Known for its high compressive strength, remarkable colorfastness, and low water absorption, EcoTerra projects require minimal maintenance while retaining their original aesthetics.

Choosing EcoTerra over traditional pavers is akin to the annual offset of 27 trees for every 1,000 square feet of pavement. This means that EcoTerra not only delivers superior performance but also contributes to creating a beautiful, eco-friendly outdoor space.

The future of hardscaping hinges on sustainability, making EcoTerra a driver for significant growth in the paving industry.

  • More Durable, Longer Lasting Projects
  • 1000 sq ft EcoTerra vs Others = Akin to Planting 27 Trees


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EcoTerra Projects

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