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Elegance: Superior Durability, Timeless Appeal
What sets Elegance apart from the rest? Our premium collection of high-quality pavers delivers a range of exquisite surface textures, unbeatable durability, and remarkable stain resistance all in a timeless package your clients will love!
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Richcliff Large Rectangle Size Back by Popular Demand!
Back by popular demand, seize the opportunity to grab the large rectangle size of Unilock Richcliff for use on your next outdoor project. The large rectangle size is available for use on its own or in combination with the timeless 3-stone random bundle.
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Unilock is the ONE hardscape partner you can always count on.
Our dedicated team of Territory Managers are just a phone call away, ready to assist you.

No matter the task, we've got your back!
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Join the industry leader
- Romex Permeable Training
- UniLyft & UCara demo
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Lifting 150 lb pavers?
UniLyft installs up to 700 sq. ft. of pavers per hour with 310lbs (108Kg) of lifting capacity. Check out the NEW UniLyft ‘Mini’- a portable format that attaches to your own compact loader.

Connect with a local Territory Manager to book a demo time.
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Reduce your calculation time by up to 95%! Simply select the products and input your project parameters and Speed-Calc does the rest.

Now you have the power to rapidly and accurately calculate bundles & layers for your project and directly email the information to your Unilock Dealer
Unilock products offer your client peace of mind knowing that they have the best.
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Paving it Forward
For 50 Years
In 1972, Ed Bryant brought the paving stone to North America, a decision that pioneered the hardscape industry. Since then, we’ve spent 50 years pushing the hardscaping world forward, building the industry in a way that benefits many. This year we celebrate our mutual successes together, with profound gratitude for all the valued employees, partners, and skilled hardscaping professionals, who made paving it this far possible.
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Product Calculator
Reduce your calculation time by up to 95% by simply selecting the products and inputting your project parameters. Now you have the power to rapidly and accurately calculate Bundles & Layers for your project and send all the information directly to your dealer.
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Established in 1972, Unilock has been an industry leader in the hardscape and paver manufacturing industry for 50 years.
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