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Expand Your Business with Hardscaping

Hardscaping for Concrete Contractors

Homeowners Are Choosing Pavers over Poured Concrete More Than Ever

According to market research company Grand View Research, the increased interest in pavers is expected to play a major role in contributing to the construction market over the next half-decade. The rising popularity of outdoor living spaces, which often entail outdoor kitchens, patios, fire pits, and other features, is also expected to bolster the demand for pavers as the foundation for entertaining and relaxing areas outside.

The growth of this market would be tough for any concrete contractor who is looking to expand to ignore.

Expand Your Company’s Opportunities

Bringing another skill set into your operation could be lucrative. It can greatly enhance your offerings and the ideas you can present to homeowners or commercial property owners. You are already building hardscapes and landscapes but may be losing bids where the customer wants to use segmental retaining wall and concrete pavers.

Hardscape contractors who have made the expansion did so to increase revenue and to open themselves to productive growth in the years to come.

Paver Benefits

Premium pavers give contractors the power to build long-lasting patios, walkways, and other outdoor living features for homeowners. When crafted with such products, these spaces can reflect optimum style while also giving both the builder and the owner complete peace of mind knowing the pavers are made of durable quality. If the earth beneath the pavers settles and moves, they adjust with it. This cuts down on cracks, which unfortunately eventually happen with poured and stamped concrete over time.

Why Unilock products are top tier

Dave Caroselli from Shearer Patio & Landscape Services explains why being creative in the hardscape industry is something that he enjoys and why he feels that Unilock product is top tier in the industry. He also talks about how the UniLyft system has helped him efficiently complete a project with speed and precision.

Dave Caroselli
Shearer Patio & Landscape Services
Unilock products and service – best in the industry

Leon Raber from Creative Hardscapes talks about the quality and innovation of the Unilock product, and the wide range of color tones available. He also explains how he is most impressed with the contractor service provided by Unilock, and how the support makes him feel like family.

Leon Raber
Creative Hardscapes
Tournoux Landcare on why they choose Unilock

Zack Tournoux, one of the owners of Tournoux Landcare Service, shares why they love Unilock paving stones and walls: Top tier products, exceptional catalog (magazine), great working relationship with Territory Manager.

Zack Tournoux
Tournoux Landcare Service
Paving Companies – Expand Your Business with Hardscape
As an established concrete contractor always looking for ways to increase your bottom line, you could be facing an opportune time to expand your offerings with concrete pavers and segmental retaining walls. From outdoor kitchens with all the amenities, to elaborate patio settings that resemble indoor gathering spaces, contractors who leverage their existing skills, tools, equipment, and resources to capitalize on this market stand to see a fruitful payoff as a result.
3D Landscape Design: Is it time to add it to your toolbox?
A meticulously hand-rendered landscape design plan is incomparable to anything else. The ability to draw every detail, from the smallest plant to the largest water feature, is a skill that creates functional works of art that, up until recently, drew customers. Today, however, landscape design has joined the rest of the design world: technology is king. As competition in the landscape industry becomes fiercer, owners are looking for anything that can help set them apart. 3D design is a great opportunity to do just that.
Be Ready to Fulfill the Rising Interest in Modern Outdoor Design
Modern style is taking over the landscape design industry. Homeowners are asking about bringing clean edges and a simplified look to their outdoor living spaces, and manufacturers are responding with a myriad of related cutting-edge products. The missing piece could be landscape designers and installers if they’re not prepared to fulfill homeowners’ requests for modern designs.
Carving Out a Niche in a Crowded Market
While some landscape contractors are beginning to tap into more specialized service offerings, the vast majority are still trying to do it all. Many businesses try to be everything for everybody; they fear turning down work and missing an opportunity to book out their season. But in this effort to be a one-stop shopping experience, they do a little bit of everything, but specialize in nothing.
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