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Expand Your Business with Hardscaping

Hardscaping for Lawn Care Companies

Upsell Potential

Expanding your lawn maintenance company to include hardscapes would give you the power to offer upgrades to existing customers. You’ve already built trusting and profitable relationships with many of the very same customers that will purchase patios and front entrances in the years to come. Your company could have insider access to such contracts and gain a huge advantage over the competition thanks to your existing connections.

Garden Stone Planter
Expand Your Reach and Service a Growing Demographic

It’s unreasonable to expect that you’d sell hardscape projects to 100% of your existing customer base, but you would still benefit from acquiring the skills and equipment required to serve a growing demographic of customers. The demand for hardscape products and services is expected to increase, as more people are going to pay to have hardscape work done. Putting your company into a position to capitalize on this growing market would be advantageous.

Unilock Makes It Simple

Unilock has had over 10 billion pavers installed by contractors to date. We offer a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee on every single paver, and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation by offering cutting-edge hardscape products that homeowners will love. We’ve been in this business for close to 50 years. As the owner or manager of a successful lawn maintenance company, you know that commitment to excellence is paramount to success. This is why we’re so deeply committed to the industry.

Why Unilock products are this professional landscape contractor’s brand of choice

Caleb Auman from Auman Landscape explains why Unilock has been his product of choice for years, and why he enjoys working in the hardscape industry.

Caleb Auman
Auman Landscape
Unilock products and service – best in the industry

Leon Raber from Creative Hardscapes talks about the quality and innovation of the Unilock product, and the wide range of color tones available. He also explains how he is most impressed with the contractor service provided by Unilock, and how the support makes him feel like family.

Leon Raber
Creative Hardscapes
Tournoux Landcare on why they choose Unilock

Zack Tournoux, one of the owners of Tournoux Landcare Service, shares why they love Unilock paving stones and walls: Top tier products, exceptional catalog (magazine), great working relationship with Territory Manager.

Zack Tournoux
Tournoux Landcare Service
Lawn Care Companies – Expand Your Business with Hardscape
In your leading lawn maintenance company, you’re likely often looking for ways to increase your bottom line.
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