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Uni-Pallet Mover

Sometimes the simplest tools are the biggest game-changers
The Uni-Pallet Mover is one of those tools that pays for itself over and over. The large pneumatic tires coupled with the appropriate lifting capacity makes it a breeze to transport a pallet of pavers across the laying surface to the laying edge. This is particularly useful in those situations where the laying edge is not accessible by your skid steer. <em>Work smarter, not harder!</em> <h6><strong>Specifications:</strong></h6> Unit Weight: 450 Lbs. (205 kg) Typical Lifting Capacity: 3,300 Lbs. (1,500 kg) Lifting Height: 6.7” (170 mm) Width: 52” (1300 mm) Price: $3,295 USD

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