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Outdoor living is not without the occasional mess! Whether it’s the splattering of a condiment across the surface of a paver, or the residue that’s left behind from dirt or leaves during Spring Cleaning, mess is bound to occur at some point in a stone’s lifetime. Fortunately, Unilock offers products with a layer of protection that will help alleviate some of the stress caused by these spills.

  • Integral Stain Resistance
  • Factory Sealed
  • Easier Cleanup of Spills


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Only Unilock offers EasyClean™. During the manufacturing process, a special concrete sealant is infused into the paver, which delivers integral stain resistance.

Where concrete has capillaries that allow dirt and moisture to penetrate its surface, EasyClean™ offers a fine layer of protection, penetrating the surface and effectively sealing those capillaries shut. This helps to prevent stains from settling into the surface of the paver, ensuring easier cleanup of spills from condiments, wine, dirt, leaves, algae and more.


Unlike the application of sealer after a project is installed, which requires time and valuable labor, EasyClean™ products are factory sealed. For the homeowner, the rich color and sleek appearance of their pavers will remain resilient for years.

EasyClean™ is available on a variety of our paver products, and is perfect for outdoor kitchens, patios, driveways and pool decks. Richcliff®, Umbriano® and Courtstone® are just a few of the Unilock paver collections that offer EasyClean™.

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