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Place Pavers and Walls Effortlessly

UniLyft by Unilock is a paver laying assist machine that can transform your hardscape projects. Whether you operate a large company with an extensive team or you run a three-person operation, UniLyft will benefit your business in two specific ways. It will significantly reduce the time required to complete projects, and your staff will be both safer and less physically exerted during the paver installation process.

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Reduce labor costs
While a hand install team may understandably show signs of fatigue after hundreds of square feet, a UniLyft installer will not be physically taxed in such a way. This minimizes the number of crew members you need on each job site while ensuring the ones who work will get their needed recovery breaks throughout the day.
Install Paver Units Faster and More Accurately
With the UniLyft, a contractor can significantly reduce the amount of hours required to construct paver surfaces. Our machine enables one person to lay pavers up to 700 square feet per hour—this is about three times more efficient than a small team placing pavers by hand.
Reduce Shoulder, Hand and Knee Pain, and Injury
When hand placing, your team must carry each paver over to the laying edge. The main crew members who will then be putting the pavers in place are either on their knees or frequently bending over. In contrast, the installer using UniLyft is able to lift and place the pavers from a more comfortable standing position, therefore reducing the chance of injury.
Improve Your Bottom Line
By reducing install times and limiting the number of on-site team members needed, the UniLyft has been proven to increase the productivity of our contractors. By investing in this easy-to-use equipment, you will be able to accommodate more projects in a season, which will in turn lead to more profits for your business.
Retain Good Employees and Attract New Ones
Although there are employees out there who love the daily grind of physical labor, sustaining that over the long term is difficult. This, coupled with the fact that fewer and fewer young people are entering the hardscaping field, it is important that business owners look at ways to attract the interested people that are out there. One way to do this is through mechanization, in turn making the job easier to do and UniLyft is a game-changer which does exactly that.
Unilyft Models
Access tight or narrow areas
Track Chassis Hinowa PT9 or Pritec L
Engine Vanguard 400 14hp or Honda GX390 13hp (Both are petrol engines)
Max Lift Capacity 140kg (310 lbs)
Working Diameter 6000 mm (236″)
Gross Weight From 700kg (1540 lbs)
Max Speed 3.5kph (2.2mph)
Dimensions L = 2715mm (107″)
W = 1050mm (41″)
H (max) = 2635mm (104″)
H (min) = 2100mm (83″) (Folded crane arm)
Access tight or narrow areas
Model Mini
Carrier Skidsteer / loader not included
Chassis Pritec Mini P
Max Lift Capacity 140kg (310 lbs)
Working Diameter 5000 mm (197″)
Gross Weight From 300 kg (660 lbs)
Dimensions L = 1740 mm (69”)
W = 1150 mm (45”)
H (min) = 1980 mm (78”) (folded)
H (max) = 2510 mm (99”)

*Minimum Loader Weight = 1180 Kg (2,600 lbs). Always maintain a low center of gravity for safe operation.
Works with most skid steers or loaders
Carrier Skid Steer/Loader Not Included
Forks are included
Chassis Pritec P
Engine Carrier, PTO connection required
Max Lift Capacity 140 kg (310 lbs)
Working Diameter 7000 mm (275″)
Gross Weight From 400 kg (881lbs)
Dimensions L = 1735 mm (68″)
W = 1332 mm (52″)
H (min) = 2030 mm (80″) (Folded)
H (max) = 2560 mm (101″)
H (min) = 2100mm (83″) (Folded)
*Minimum Loader Weight = 3,629 Kg (8,000 lbs). Always maintain a low center of gravity for safe operation.
Eliminate the need for a forklift on site
Track Chassis HINOWA TP2000 or Pritec PM
Engine Vanguard 16.0 16hp petrol engines
Max Lift Capacity 140kg (310 lbs)
Working Diameter 6000 mm (236″)
Max Load – Forklift 1800kg (3527 lbs)
Gross Weight 1150kg (2535 lbs)
Max Speed 2.2kph (1.4 mph)
Dimensions L = 2340mm (92″)
W = 1880mm (74″)
H (max) = 2625 mm (103″)
H (min) = 2100 mm (83″) (Folded crane arm)
Demo Process
Interested but not ready to commit? We understand, that's why we offer a demo service. Take the UniLyft for a test run on your next jobsite. We're confident you'll love it.
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“All our guys thought UniLyft worked extremely well and was very easy to use”

Dave Berken from Springview Landscape Service talks about his crew's experience with UniLyft, including a short learning curve, faster installations and fewer backaches.

Dave Berken
Springview Landscape Service
UniLyft Videos
UniLyft by Unilock
Introducing Unilyft by Unilock, to help you place pavers and walls effortlessly at lightning speed!...
UniLyft Bobcat Attachment
Watch the UniLyft Bobcat in action!...
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Financing Options
Financing equipment that you know will be used day in and day out is a smart move when appropriately budgeted.

Financing provided through US Capital Corporation. Contact Steve Hofmann at US Capital Corporation for information. 847-331-9324 OR STEVEHOFMANN@USCAPCORP.COM
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