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Design Software Hatches and Textures

The following design software solutions are used by professionals around the globe and each of these solutions offer up specific features that are unique to that user’s requirements. To extend the presentation quality of the user’s selected software platform, Unilock has provided an extensive library of both repeatable paver and retaining wall textures which you can download below.

Note: If you are just looking for laying patterns you can access them here.

AutoCAD provides a range of tools and features that allow professionals from many industries to create 2D and 3D models and designs. By downloading and using the Unilock file of specially designed CAD hatch patterns and cross sections, you can create detailed designs for your client.


SketchUp 3D design and modeling software focuses on ease-of-use and rapid learning curve and is used by many landscape professionals worldwide. Download our vast collection of exclusive repeatable paver and wall textures to enhance the look and feel of your designs. You can also access all our textures via the Unilock page on 3D Warehouse as well.


DynaScape is a powerful cad based landscape design software which is used by many professionals around the world for both residential and commercial designs. The precision designs and impressive visuals are used to sell and construct small or large landscapes. The software  can import both repeatable textures and cad PAT hatch files.


Structure Studios has a suite of products that can be accessed via monthly subscription. VizTerra, Pool Studio, VIP3D and YARD™ are tailored to specific areas of interest and offer up a 3D/2D design experience. Unilock textures are easily imported into any of Structure Studio’s suite of 3D design solutions.   


PRO Landscape is a popular illustrative landscape design software used by landscape contractors, homeowners and other landscape professionals.

Our goals are to create a platform that helps the user to easily convey professionally designed landscapes and hardscapes, in both 2D and 3D.


Realtime Landscaping Architect is one the first companies in North America to make a 2D/3D design software platform to help landscape contractors to accurately design and sell their designs to their client. 

Realtime natively comes with a pre-loaded library of Unilock paving stone and retaining wall textures. No need to download anything.

UVision has become the go-to 3D design software for landscape and hardscape contractors all across North America. Easy to learn and navigate, UVision has a vast library of paver and wall textures as well over 20,000 ancillary plants and outdoor living objects to create a realistic design in both 3D and 2D. Even if you currently use another software, you may want to download the trial and experience the power of this software yourself.  

Vectorworks is a design software which specializes in CAD and BIM software for architects, engineers, landscapers and construction contractors. Vectorworks is a robust powerful platform capable of designing large-scale complex commercial and residential designs. Download the package which contains both repeatable paver and wall textures, as well as hatch patterns.

Disclaimer: Other than Uvision, all trademarks and related logos on this page belong to their respective owners and Unilock makes no claim of ownership to any of these products.
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