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A precision tool no hardscaper should be without
A sophisticated construction altimeter, U-LEVEL is a grade measurement instrument, ideal for your hardscape design, layout, and installation projects. It’s used to record elevations, and can help you make more accurate calculations during excavation for, and construction of, steps, landings, patios, retaining walls and more.

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Easy to Use
Simply remove U-Level from the durable water–resistant case and begin capturing elevation and distance measurements immediately. Much easier than laser levels. No elaborate training or setup required.
Works in Difficult Locations
No clear line of sight needed. Works around building corners, behind obstructions such as trees, large bushes and small outbuildings.
Connects by Blue Tooth to any Smart Device
View elevation readings in real time or store data for use later. Allow the user to plot height, direction and angular measurements, along with notes. Generate graphs and charts on your laptop or smart device in real time.
Accurate Readings
Typical accuracy +/- .1 (1/10) inch
Large Working Area
100 feet of tubing = a 200 foot working diameter.
Low Maintenance
No “back to the factory” for expensive calibrations. The tubing is easily repaired on site if damaged.
Why the U-Level from Unilock makes landscape contractors more efficient

John Hoffman from Custom Landscaping describes how using the U-Level helps save time in his design process, and how easy the product is to use. He also breaks down the efficiency of the tool, and how the accuracy of the measurements allow him to estimate potential project costs easily.

John Hoffman
Custom Landscaping
How to Use
U-Level Button Functions
A basic overview of the button functions on the U-Level....
Connecting to the U-Level App
This video gives you a basic overview of the functions on the U-Level and how to connect your U-Leve...
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