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Unilock Elegance

In many situations, strength and beauty don’t come in the same package. At Unilock, we believe that these two qualities don’t have to be opposed, and the products and technologies we design are a testament to that philosophy.


Take a look at Elegance, our premium collection of high-strength pavers modeled after classic textures. Even among Unilock products, this line is unique for its fusion of form and function. From the timeworn look of European cobblestones, to the divine luxury of riven natural stone slabs, Elegance delivers a range of styles you won’t find anywhere else, and in a package whose strength cannot be bested.

But what makes Elegance pavers stand apart from the rest? In short, it’s the exclusive technologies used to produce them.

Elegance pavers are made using a special manufacturing process called Reala™ technology. Highly realistic, finished paver textures were replicated from molds cast from actual flagstone, brick or cobblestone surfaces. There’s no need to worry about repeating patterns or shapes because we utilize a wide variety of molds during the manufacturing process. Once installed, each paver will stand on its own with fully randomized patterns.


We use a mix of specialized aggregates and color pigments in each Elegance paver. This ensures the hardscapes you design and build age faithfully while also producing a more refined surface texture.

And what about strength? All Elegance pavers are built with Ultima™ Concrete, which provides up to four times the strength of poured-in-place concrete. Add to the mix pure quartz particles, one of the hardest aggregates on the planet, and your customer will enjoy continued surface resilience and color retention for years to come.

Every Elegance paver receives EasyClean™ technology, a factory sealed coating that provides integral stain resistance, ensuring that BBQ spills, as well as seasonal debris such as dirt, algae or leaves are easier to clean than traditional pavers.

We strive to retain our status as the provider of the strongest, longest lasting pavers on the market, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve upon our products and technologies. With Elegance, we created a paver reminiscent of classic stone or brick whose very image bears the test of time.

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