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Expand Your Business with Hardscaping

Hardscaping for Pool Installers

Increase Your Bottom Line

Like most pool construction companies; you’re always looking to increase your bottom line. Maybe you’ve considered hardscape installation in the past. Maybe you’ve even tried it, only to suffer losses and issues. Adding another layer of complexity to your existing systems is a risk that comes with extraordinary benefits to your bottom line and to your customers’ overall satisfaction from working with you. Unilock can help you seize the benefits.

Avoid Missed Opportunities

Your customers dream of a pool surrounded by hardscapes and softscapes. To make that happen, you likely work with other professionals to complete the backyard swimming pool project. Simply put, installing hardscapes gives you the opportunity to sell the entire project as a standalone service. Being able to lead the project from the beginning all the way to the end will inspire greater confidence in your company and assist you in selling to homeowners who desire a contractor who can “do it all.”

Installing Pavers Opens up New Revenue Potential

Installing pavers and walls helps you as a pool contractor to upgrade your portfolio, strengthening your selling proposition for new potential customers. Plus, you already have tools and boots on the ground, and equipment in place. Your company should squeeze every dollar out of each project it can.

Why Unilock products are top tier

Dave Caroselli from Shearer Patio & Landscape Services explains why being creative in the hardscape industry is something that he enjoys and why he feels that Unilock product is top tier in the industry. He also talks about how the UniLyft system has helped him efficiently complete a project with speed and precision.

Dave Caroselli
Shearer Patio & Landscape Services
Unilock products and service – best in the industry

Leon Raber from Creative Hardscapes talks about the quality and innovation of the Unilock product, and the wide range of color tones available. He also explains how he is most impressed with the contractor service provided by Unilock, and how the support makes him feel like family.

Leon Raber
Creative Hardscapes
Why Unilock’s Products Are Great to Install

Jeff Hummel from Hummel's Landscape explains why he chooses Unilock products first, and why the quality of the product makes it easy when it comes time to install.

Jeff Hummel
Hummel's Landscape
Pool Installers – Expand Your Business with Hardscape
Like most pool construction companies, you’re always looking to increase your bottom line. Maybe you’ve considered hardscape installation in the past. Maybe you’ve even tried it, only to suffer losses and issues.
Premium Pavers: Why Should You Recommend Them on Every Hardscape Project?
A major portion of the landscape construction business is selling the right products for the right projects. When it comes to pavers and retaining wall systems with higher square foot prices, however, some contractors shy away from pitching them for fear of scaring away the customer. Unilock products like EnduraColor Plus pavers, while costing more, are actually very sellable to homeowners when presented in the right way.
Selling Hardscapes: Connecting Concrete to Homeowners’ Emotions
The hardscape industry has undergone major growth over the last few years, with purchases shifting from being mostly utilitarian to luxury in nature. For those landscape contractors that have been selling hardscapes for over a decade, the days of installing 10’x10′ patios featuring a single-size, 4″x8″ Hollandstone paver might not feel so far away. This kind of purchase was made for simpler reasons, such as needing a flat surface on which to set patio furniture. Today’s hardscape customer has more extensive plans in mind.
Selling Landscape Lighting: Low-Voltage LED Is Here to Stay and So Is a Growing Opportunity
Are you integrating outdoor lighting into your hardscape projects? If not, you may be missing out on a large upsell opportunity. Many contractors in the U.S. and Canada are successfully training their teams to install low-voltage lighting systems and they’re adding a new, substantial revenue stream in the process.
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