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Can I drill clamps into my coping without damaging the wall to install rope lights?

Drilling into the seat wall is no problem. However, we recommend that you do not use over a #8 size concrete screw.

Can installed pavers ever separate from each other?

Pavers should not separate from each other, if they do it is an indication of an improper base and/or no edge restraints around the perimeter.

What do you recommend for an alternative to Polymeric Jointing Sand?

We recommend using a regular jointing sand in combination with a joint sand stabilizing sealer (a one step sealer and joint sand stabilizer). Please note; we recommend waiting a minimum of 3 months after installation before applying a sealer, to allow for the natural efflorescence to dissipate. Before sealing you must clean the surface and wait until it is 100% dry.

In what order do you apply polymeric sand and sealer?

The order in which you apply sand and sealer definitely matters. You must apply the sand first, sweeping carefully into the joints, ensuring none is left on the surface. Once the sealer is applied, it will trap anything that is left on the surface of the pavers. Make sure the joint sand is dry before sealing.

Is adding joint sand part of the installation process?

The final part of the installation process is to sweep in sand between the joints. Depending on what type of paver you have installed you could also use a Polymeric Jointing Sand which hardens when wet and prevents weed growth, however this is not recommended for our heavily textured stones (such as Il Campo).

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