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Water conservation is no longer a fringe concern. More homeowners are searching for solutions that conserve and protect local watersheds. And it’s not just homeowners. Municipalities are also setting limits on the amount of impervious surfaces that can be built around businesses, parks, homes, and other spaces. Some cities are even imposing new taxes based on the size of those areas.

  • Restores Ground water
  • Manages Storm Water Runoff
  • Water Harvesting Potential

Fortunately, there’s no need to sacrifice looks for the sake of conservation. With Unilock permeable pavers they can, and do, go hand in hand.

Available in a variety of captivating colors and styles, our permeable pavers look just like traditional pavers but are specially designed to capture and detain rainwater. With wider joint spacing between each paver, more rainwater will flow into the subsoil. That means less water running off the surface and overwhelming stormwater systems. Since 1991, when we were the first manufacturer to introduce permeable pavers, contractors have used the permeable base to further encourage the flow of water back into the earth. This design delivers a range of environmental and community benefits. Here are just a few:

For municipalities, permeable paver installations limit infrastructure costs. For nearby watersheds, they improve the quality of the groundwater. For communities, they help prevent flooding. And for local habitats, they support nearby plant life. A healthier water cycle, in turn, works its way up the food chain, supporting insects, birds, and all the other critters that make outdoor spaces feel alive.

And best of all, Unilock permeable pavers look fantastic! From the weathered stone look of Tribeca Cobble to the old-world brick style of Town Hall, these pavers serve any architectural styling while fulfilling a core environmental promise. For many Unilock pavers, there is a permeable alternative that can produce the same visual impact.


Fine gardens, shrubberies, trees, flowers make our outdoor spaces worth spending time in. They provide the accent to a hardscaped backbone that could otherwise feel barren. It’s only natural that some homeowners and commercial property owners would want to respect their contribution through sustainable water usage. And with less to worry about water usage and lot coverage taxes, there’s a long-term cost efficiency benefit you could add on when you discuss permeability with customers.

Unilock permeable pavers offer the perfect solution for all those concerns, as a reliable and sustainable choice for creating gorgeous hardscapes.

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