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Expand Your Business with Hardscaping

Hardscaping for Home Builders

Boost Your Bottom Line

As a home builder you are in a unique and opportunistic position to expand your business in the hardscape industry. Increasing saleable square footage with hardscapes can boost your bottom line and provide numerous benefits. Moreover, Unilock can help you with the process. From our expansive paver and wall products, to our sales and installation support, we’ve got you covered.

Sell Homes Faster

Adapting to customer needs is all part of the game. As home builders in the industry already know, creativity lies close to the heart of the success or failure of any project. Nowadays, homebuyers are looking for homes with flair. Sizzle sells homes, and incorporating hardscape elements into your projects will give you a better opportunity to increase usable acreage, and turn empty ground into price-boosting equity.

Increase Revenue and Expand Your Projects

As a home builder, you already offer services that go hand-in-hand with outdoor living projects. Adding hardscape services to your portfolio can boost your revenue. Landscape companies operate with a profit margin of 15% to 25%. As a high-end builder, you can tap into this powerful market to grow your company.

Why Unilock’s Products Are Great to Install

Jeff Hummel from Hummel's Landscape explains why he chooses Unilock products first, and why the quality of the product makes it easy when it comes time to install.

Jeff Hummel
Hummel's Landscape
Tournoux Landcare on why they choose Unilock

Zack Tournoux, one of the owners of Tournoux Landcare Service, shares why they love Unilock paving stones and walls: Top tier products, exceptional catalog (magazine), great working relationship with Territory Manager.

Zack Tournoux
Tournoux Landcare Service
Unilock products and service – best in the industry

Leon Raber from Creative Hardscapes talks about the quality and innovation of the Unilock product, and the wide range of color tones available. He also explains how he is most impressed with the contractor service provided by Unilock, and how the support makes him feel like family.

Leon Raber
Creative Hardscapes
Home Builders – Expand Your Business with Hardscape
As a home builder, you are in a unique and opportunistic position to expand your business in the hardscape industry. Increasing saleable square footage with hardscapes can boost your bottom line and provide numerous benefits. And Unilock can help you with the process.
Increase Sales by Offering a Payment Options Plan…on Every Project!
The landscape construction industry continues to reach higher and higher value levels. Similar to other disciplines within the overall design/build industry, today’s homeowners expect to pay a higher price point for professional landscape design services and elaborate hardscape installations. Despite the researched intelligence of the modern homeowner, many are not comfortable paying for the full cost of the project without the payment options they’ve become accustomed to with other large purchases.
Landscape Contractors: Turn Your Website into Your Greatest Sales Tool
When it comes to operating your business, chances are good that you recognize the benefits of a great first impression. Before meeting with a client, you likely make yourself presentable by removing the extra mud on your boots and dusting off the particles left on your shirt from the demo saw.
Keeping the Team on the Same Page with UVision
There’s no more efficient or productive machine than a crew that’s worked well together on multiple jobs. There’s a mutual understanding that forms — of work styles and of each individual’s strengths and weakness. A common language develops, making every subsequent job run more smoothly.
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