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Unilock EnduraColor

Sometimes you need color that lasts. That’s usually the case when you’re crafting beautiful hardscapes that you want to endure long after your crew leaves. At Unilock, we spare no expense developing technologies that deliver on our core promise of durability and elegance—but sometimes those qualities go hand in hand.

  • Highly Durable
  • Unmatched Color Retention
  • Low Maintenance
Face-Mix vs. Thru-Mix

Since the 1990s, our EnduraColor pavers have made use of a special manufacturing process that helps retain color for years or even decades to come. It’s a proven process that Unilock introduced to North America well before any other manufacturer. With that kind of resilience in the pavers they choose, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their property will continue to stun friends, neighbors, and even potential buyers well into the future.

So how do we do it?

Traditional pavers were vulnerable to discoloration because, over time, the surface wore away, exposing the coarse aggregates underneath. Those aggregates are integral to the paver’s structural integrity but they don’t retain color very well, so when they’re exposed they appear to “fade” the surface of the paver.

EnduraColor products are made using a two-step manufacturing process that’s designed to prevent the kind of discoloration that’s natural to aging concrete. First, we gather the coarse aggregates in the base of the paver to create a strong foundation. Next, the finer aggregates are blended in with concentrated color and then, under several tons of vibrating pressure, pressed toward the top of the paver.


Fine grains of pure quartz particles hold color better than large stone pieces, so as the paver ages it never erodes enough to reveal the lighter-colored aggregates. This two-step process provides unrivaled color retention and a highly refined surface texture. Best of all, it doesn’t compromise on strength; in fact, EnduraColor pavers boast an even stronger concrete formulation than that of our Classic pavers.

Homeowners will also be glad to hear that EnduraColor pavers need almost no upkeep. Whereas Classic pavers benefit from periodic sealing to shield surface-level aggregates from the elements, EnduraColor’s finer surface aggregates are heavily pigmented and resistant to discoloration.

At Unilock, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products. That’s why we devote so much effort to perfecting technologies that deliver on the kind of strength and elegance we’re known for. EnduraColor marks a cumulative benefit of this approach—as a practical, time-tested, and beautiful solution that runs laps around the old way of doing things.

We’re confident any project completed using EnduraColor will still look brand-new 10 years down the line. We’re so confident that we back our products with a transferable lifetime guarantee. When using EnduraColor pavers, you’ll know you’re delivering lasting strength and timeless charm to any outdoor living space.

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