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Why do people love granite? It’s strong, beautiful, resilient, and it has an earthy, timeless look that’s gorgeous in just about any outdoor space. The same can be said of pavers made with Unilock ColorFusion technology.

  • High Color Stability
  • Granite Appearance
  • Random Dispersion of Color Particles

With ColorFusion, we use a special manufacturing process that delivers the look of natural granite surfaces—but without the expense or hassle of real granite. Specifically, we employ a special type of cement called “white cement” to produce white tones that, when mixed in with colors and actual granite particles, create a unique mottled surface. The result is a breathtaking paver that resembles natural granite and is more cost-effective and longer lasting than the real thing.

Not only does ColorFusion technology deliver a product that looks just like natural granite, it also allows for a stunning assortment of color options. Earthy tones and varied textures can be found in pavers featuring ColorFusion series, including the Hex Paver and Umbriano. The selections make it so you’ll find the right paver suitable for a patio or pool deck. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Use ColorFusion pavers to craft stunning outdoor features with walkable, barefoot-friendly surfaces. No granite aesthetic is off-limits with ColorFusion pavers, and no homeowner is immune to its charms. Best of all, no sacrifices need be made to strength, durability, or structural integrity.


ColorFusion pavers are made with the same tough concrete and fortifying manufacturing processes that make Unilock pavers last for decades. Our commitment to beautiful, long-lasting hardscaping products is what built our reputation, and we honor that commitment through continued innovation. We’re always looking to improve our products, employing special materials like white concrete to build the best, most reliable, and most attractive pavers.

So if it’s the look of granite that a project calls for, there’s no reason not to consider ColorFusion. Get the granite look without the granite fuss.

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