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Unilock Classic

“Classic.” We don’t use that word lightly. Design trends rise and fall, but for something to be considered classic it needs to be both timeless and elegant. No two words could better describe the Unilock Classic paver.

  • Affordable
  • Stronger than Poured Concrete
  • Traditional Shapes and Sizes

We first brought this technology to the North American market back in 1972, and since then it has set the standard for quality, strength, and affordability in the hardscaping industry.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, Classic pavers are made using a proven manufacturing process—blending cement, colors, and stone aggregates into a single batch and distributing the mix throughout the finished paver. This ensures a uniform look that is strong but capable of being formed into the wide variety of styles Classic is known for.

The end result exceeds ASTM standards for quality and strength while delivering a budget-friendly option for any hardscaping project. Retaining walls, walkways, driveways, patios, outdoor kitchen islands—if you can imagine it, Unilock Classic products can make it real.

But it’s one thing to be proud of your product—it’s another thing to be complacent. At Unilock, we never settle for what merely “works.” Tweaking, innovating, and improving our designs and technologies is an obsession we all share, and that attitude can be found in all our products—including those, like Classic, that have been around for decades.


We make a point of identifying issues and committing ourselves to fixing them, no matter how difficult the task. That’s why, in order to identify problems, we test each and every paver in our catalog once a month—not just for their compressive strength, but also for their environmental durability. Paver installations need to do more than hold great weight—they also need to be able to continue to hold that weight over many years and in different climates.

When we find a problem, we update the changes needed to ensure a consistent market quality. It doesn’t matter if it’s our most affordable or most expensive paver—it receives the same level of care.

We believe the integrity of our products—the strength and resilience that millions of contractors have come to depend on—reflects the integrity of our brand. That same focus on quality is what led us to bring the Classic paver to market. Our most popular and widely used paver, Unilock Classic pavers have stood the test of time with installations in homes, businesses, and public spaces throughout the continent.

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