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The Unilock suite of innovative technologies allows us to deliver tough-performing pavers in a stunning array of colors and styles. With Artista, a proprietary Unilock technology, we developed a process that creates a distinctive mottled texture similar to granite.

  • Granite Appearance
  • Random Color Dispersion
  • Exceptional Colorfastness

Unlike other Unilock technologies that blend color into the concrete mix, Artista randomly disperses flecks of colors across the top of the paver. This technique creates a colorfast, unique, and refined surface that’s strong enough to compete with granite but cost-effective enough for economically minded property owners wanting to update their landscape.

Available in all Granito pavers, Artista elevates a pool area, driveway, or walkway with beautiful rectangular and hexagonal shapes. When viewed from afar, Granito pavers finished with Artista technology evince luxury, class, and style in a way that even granite can hardly pull off.

In addition to Artista, each Granito paver is manufactured using EnduraColor. Through a two-step manufacturing process that separates coarse stone aggregates from fine ones, EnduraColor prevents the kind of discoloration that’s natural to aging concrete, ensuring a unique mottled surface that keeps its look for many years to come.

For an even bolder appearance, homeowners can opt for Granito Random, which ships in random bundles of three different rectangular shapes. An additional hexagon shape is available to create dashing geometric patterns that gel with emerging trends in hardscape design. With their durability, Granito Hex pavers can support residential and commercial vehicles.


In addition to their economical benefits, you could offer lower turnaround times since Granito pavers are considered easier to install than granite. Another plus? Some homeowners can be won over by the chance to make a bold visual statement in their landscape design.

At Unilock, we prioritize quality and meeting the needs of contractors looking for dependable, beautiful products that help them craft outdoor living spaces that endure long after they’ve placed the final paver. With modern and bold design choices, innovative technologies, and bountiful color options, Unilock pavers stand in a class of their own. For its unique texture and unparalleled appearance, a paver made with Artista offers the chance to make a grand statement on any project.

At Unilock, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products. That’s why we devote so much effort to perfecting technologies that deliver on the kind of strength and elegance we’re known for. EnduraColor marks a cumulative benefit of this approach—as a practical, time-tested, and beautiful solution that runs laps around the old way of doing things.

We’re confident any project completed using EnduraColor will still look brand-new 10 years down the line. We’re so confident that we back our products with a transferable lifetime guarantee. When using EnduraColor pavers, you’ll know you’re delivering lasting strength and timeless charm to any outdoor living space.

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