Increase Sales by Offering a Payment Options Plan…on Every Project!

The landscape construction industry continues to reach higher and higher value levels. Similar to other disciplines within the overall design/build industry, today’s homeowners expect to pay a higher price point for professional landscape design services and elaborate hardscape installations.

Sustainability: Is It Right for Your Landscaping Business?

Sustainability—reducing the environmental impact of operating a business—is a concept frequently debated for businesses both large and small, and landscape contracting companies are no exception. What risks and benefits are there in providing sustainable outdoor living designs for homeowners?

Understanding the Different Types of Landscaping Customers

The more landscape contractors perfect their ability to understand the many kinds of potential customers, the easier it will be to refine sales techniques and tailor their pitches to fit the needs of different homeowners. Over time, customer-types can be generalized, making the identification of customer needs simpler and more accurate.

5 Reasons Strong Dealer Relationships are Essential for Contractors

While the world has gone more digital than ever before, there are many aspects of the landscape contracting industry that still depend upon meaningful business relationships. For the average landscape contractor, creating a strong relationship with a local dealer is crucial to maintaining job efficiency and a competitive advantage in their area.

The Importance of a CRM for Landscape Contractors

While a pocket notebook and an Excel spreadsheet may provide enough organization for the first few customers, the average landscape design/build business often gets overwhelmed with pools of data faster than is humanly manageable.

Changing the Face of Retaining Walls with the All New Unilock U-Cara™ Wall System

Unilock has been the leader in innovative hardscape technology for decades, and this year we’ve done it again. Unilock recently released a revolutionary product in hardscape construction: U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System.

Effective Marketing is a system - just like pavers and walls.

There is a systematic process to proper paver installation. As a professional landscape contractor, you wouldn’t attempt to install pavers for a patio before completing proper excavation and installing the correct amount of compacted base material.

Contractors Turning to Open Graded Base Installations

For decades, experts in the hardscape industry have recommended a particular process for the installation of interlocking concrete pavers.

Commercial Hardscape Projects: Do you want them and how do you get them?

Many hardscape contractors have launched their companies and found success with a focus on residential hardscape projects. These same contractors are often curious — albeit mystified —about the world of commercial hardscape projects.

Making the Most of the Off Season

Many landscaping companies schedule their winter seasons with snow removal operations as a way to ensure a year-round revenue stream. But what about all the days in between snow events or those businesses that choose not to offer snow and ice services?

Working with Your Unilock Territory Manager

Working hard to keep their businesses running smoothly, landscape contractors are often forced to balance many roles throughout each day. When the heat is on and the season is at its busiest, the landscape construction industry can be demanding to say the least. Unilock Territory Managers help keep business operations moving smoothly.

To Design or Not To Design: Simplifying the Landscape Design Process

There is much conversation and debate in the outdoor living industry surrounding the best way to get from the initial sales meeting to the installation contract. Every business has a different way of approaching the design process, including who produces the design, how much-if anything-it should cost, or whether to offer it at all.

Work-Life Balance: Is It Attainable for Landscape Business Owners?

Achieving work-life balance sounds like a fantasy to many business owners in the landscaping industry. Often working 15-hour days during the busy season, many express that they are constantly on the edge of burnout, with little time for a weekend away, let alone a real vacation.

Is It Time to Rethink What Forms of Payment Your Landscaping Company Accepts?

Even as forward-thinking landscaping businesses strive to satisfy customers with design customization options and incredible customer service, they often fail to provide options and flexibility regarding the payment methods they accept.

Carving Out a Niche in a Crowded Market

While some landscape contractors are beginning to tap into more specialized service offerings, the vast majority are still trying to do it all. Many businesses try to be everything for everybody; they fear turning down work and missing an opportunity to book out their season.

Take Your Hardscape Projects to the Next Level with Exterior Design

There is a rapidly emerging opportunity for landscape construction professionals today that very few businesses are taking advantage of. Homeowners are experiencing a disconnect between the outdoor living spaces they see in product catalogues and luxury shelter magazines and the ones they receive when a landscape contractor has “finished” installing theirs.

Making the Most of Bad Weather

Weather – it can make or break the progress of a job. The effects of weather can completely alter the course of a landscape construction project. It can impact employee management, material costs, equipment repair expenses, client relations – basically, anything involved in the construction process.

Controlling Non-billable Time: What Makes Great Companies, Great

Non-billable time is one of those things that almost every company gets far too comfortable accepting as a necessary evil. It happens every single day, it’s easy to hide, and it’s necessary to the everyday mechanics of a business.

Drones: Revolutionizing how we sell, design, and build landscapes

The use of drone technology has quite literally elevated landscape project photography. Providing the ability to capture an entire project in one photo with aerial angles, drones also allow photographers to zoom in on specific details of a project with ease. They are sweeping through the landscape design/build industry with trending force.

3D Landscape Design: Is it time to add it to your toolbox?

A meticulously hand-rendered landscape design plan is incomparable to anything else. The ability to draw every detail, from the smallest plant to the largest water feature, is a skill that creates functional works of art that, up until recently, drew customers.