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Working with Your Unilock Territory Manager

Business Topics

Working hard to keep their businesses running smoothly, landscape contractors are often forced to balance many roles throughout each day. When the heat is on and the season is at its busiest, the landscape construction industry can be demanding to say the least. Unilock Territory Managers help keep business operations moving smoothly. Let’s have a look at some of the contractor support services that Unilock offers day in and day out.

Product Samples

During the sales process of outdoor living projects, homeowners often wish to see multiple samples of the products they are considering for their patio, walkway, or pool deck. Unilock Territory Managers can help source these samples for contractors, and in some cases, even deliver them directly to the homeowner or contractor. The direct ability to experience products firsthand before starting construction makes landing a sale more likely, and the homeowner feel much safer throughout the installation process. Generating this trust can lead to future sales and referrals.

Industry and Product Knowledge

Territory Managers take educational classes, attend seminars and conferences, and organize presentations to ensure they are properly informed about the hardscape industry’s best practices. They offer incredible product support, installation guidelines, and the wealth of information that comes from seeing hundreds of hardscaping job sites each year. Tap into this wealth of knowledge. For example, if a contractor is unsure if a Unilock product is the right fit for a project, their Territory Manager can help make that determination and offer alternatives if necessary.

3D Landscape Design Software

Did you know that many homeowners report feeling much more comfortable after confirming a project with a visual design showing exactly what their backyard will look like? But even after learning the importance of 3D design presentations, many contractors struggle to find the time to master cutting edge software programs. Unilock can help. Unilock Territory Managers are trained and proficient in Uvision 3D Landscape Creator. If a contractor is looking to develop a 3D landscape design for an upcoming project, Territory Managers are a great resource for learning the ins and outs of the Uvision software.

Sales Methods

Unilock Territory Managers’ training and industry experience largely relates to sales. They are well-versed in the best sales methods for the landscape/hardscape industry. As a result, your Territory Manager can be an excellent resource for improving the sales techniques of your team. For instance, if a contractor is great at landing walkway projects, but has less success securing more elaborate pool or patio jobs, their Territory Manager is the perfect resource for guidance. They can explain the best tried-and-true sales methods for getting the projects that are hardest to land.

Don’t Waste This Resource

Because of the very nature of the landscaping business, many contractors speed through each busy season just trying to keep up. But those Unilock installers who stop to reach out and speak with their Territory Manager open the door to an incredible network of support. Can you use Beacon Hill Flagstone for that residential driveway you’re estimating? Your Territory Manager knows the answer. How about using that new open-graded base system you heard about? Yes, they understand the ins and the outs of installation methods, and chances are pretty good they’ve seen it on a project before. Tap into this incredible resource that Unilock offers and see the difference that a true partnership can make.

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