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Why You Should Invest in a UniLyft & How Easy It Is to Use

Paver & Slab Installation

The UniLyft by Unilock is a paver laying assist machine that can transform your hardscape projects. Whether you operate a large company with an extensive team or you run a three-person operation, UniLyft will benefit your business in two specific ways. It will significantly reduce the time required to complete projects, and your staff will be both safer and less physically exerted during the paver installation process.

Optimizing Time Spent on a Build Site

With the UniLyft, a contractor can significantly reduce the amount of hours required to construct paver surfaces. Our machine enables one person to lay pavers up to 700 square feet per hour—this is about three times more efficient than a small team placing pavers by hand. For vehicular applications and other projects over 500 square feet, in particular, UniLyft makes a substantial difference in the number of laborers needed.

Consider the UniLyft installation process compared to the manual placement of pavers. When hand placing, your team must carry each paver over to the laying edge. The main crew members who will then be putting the pavers in place are either on their knees or frequently bending over. In contrast, the installer using UniLyft is able to lift and place the pavers from a more comfortable standing position. While a hand install team may understandably show signs of fatigue after hundreds of square feet, a UniLyft installer will not be physically taxed in such a way. This minimizes the number of crew members you need on each job site while ensuring the ones who work will get their needed recovery breaks throughout the day. UniLyft models maintain a 310 pound maximum lift capacity, so this machinery can handle large format pavers, which are challenging to lay by hand. This one machine can replace any bulky, outdated equipment you have on hand to assist in such build projects.

Another benefit worth considering is that any team member can learn to use UniLyft with minimal training and onboarding time. It is simple enough to maneuver that even inexperienced team members can accurately place pavers for a successful and polished construction job.

Customizable for Any Product Type and Size

Custom suction heads can be designed to accommodate a variety of products. They are readily available for lifting small or large, smooth or rough, as well as textured designs including exposed aggregate, patterned, and natural stone. For example, for a flagstone textured surface, such as our large Richcliff pavers, the UniLyft is able to lift and place without any difficulty. When using a larger paver option, one person can place up to two pavers at a time. Likewise, if a homeowner prefers a smaller scale product, the UniLyft multi-stone attachment can pick up several pieces at a time. When considering a special design feature, you may need a half-stone offset. With a custom head, the UniLyft can accommodate this requirement automatically, by using an included side shift feature.

Lastly, if you are working with multiple paver sizes on-site, or simply moving from one site to another, the bayonet head mount facilitates a rapid change from one head option to another. This quick switch will not impact your installation speed.

How to Operate the UniLyft

The UniLyft works on the principle of air pressure combined with a vacuum, making heavy pavers appear to be practically weightless and easily maneuverable. When in use, operators attach a vacuum-based lifter to the surface of the paver. They can then steer the lifted paver into position with little effort. To control upward and downward movement, there is a control lever on the handle.

Once the paver is in place, the operator presses this control lever, which reduces the suction and releases the paver for accurate placement. If an adjustment is needed to the level of a particular paver, the operator can remove the paver, make any necessary changes to the bedding, and return it into place.

Choosing the Best UniLyft Model for Your Business

Unilock offers multiple models of the UniLyft. For accessing tight or narrow areas, the Model L – Narrow Track or the Model P – Skid Steer Attachment may be ideal. However, if you’re often turning to a forklift on site, the Model PM – Wide Track may be preferred.

Built on a narrow track chassis, the UniLyft is mobile and can fit a 36-inch gate opening. Powered by a reliable Honda engine, it requires minimal maintenance. In fact, a full tank of gas will keep the UniLyft running for several hours.

By reducing install times and limiting the number of on-site team members needed, the UniLyft has been proven to increase the productivity of our contractors. By investing in this easy-to-use equipment, you will be able to accommodate more projects in a season, which will in turn lead to more profits for your business.

For more information or to learn how to purchase the UniLyft for your next project, connect with your Unilock Territory Manager. Our team is happy to answer any questions and to provide pricing specifics today.

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