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Pool Installers – Expand Your Business with Hardscape

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Like most pool construction companies, you’re always looking to increase your bottom line. Maybe you’ve considered hardscape installation in the past. Maybe you’ve even tried it, only to suffer losses and issues. Adding another layer of complexity to your existing systems is a risk that comes with extraordinary benefits to your bottom line and to your customers’ overall satisfaction from working with you. Unilock can help you seize the benefits.

A Pool Is a Luxury Purchase

Homeowners often begin their research for a new swimming pool by browsing catalogs, magazines, and websites such as houzz.com. These pools are part of comprehensive outdoor living spaces that incorporate pool decking or a patio, along with beautiful softscapes.

In selling a pool installation, it’s important to help homeowners visualize the completed project since that is how they have been picturing the project all along. You are in a position to help them to tap into the creative vision, and help them understand how the process is going to unfold—from start to finish. And to really tap into this creative inspiration, it helps to present a full-scale plan: from breaking ground to a strategy for bringing the whole project to completion, into a full outdoor living oasis.

Meeting the homeowners’ need for luxury, imagine being able to design the entire project using Uvision 3D Landscape Creator while also selling the whole vision (hardscapes included) as a package deal. As a pool contractor, this is where you stand to gain a tremendous advantage by expanding your business to include hardscape installation.

Avoid Missed Opportunities

Your customers dream of a pool surrounded by hardscapes and softscapes. And to make that happen, you likely work with other professionals to complete the backyard swimming pool project with poured concrete, pavers, decking, or natural stone. But does this always result in projects being finished with material choices you agree with? Perhaps you’ve seen too many swimming pool areas constructed with poured concrete or decking, whereas you envisioned the style of the pool would look more refined with concrete pavers.

Simply put, installing hardscapes gives you the opportunity to sell the entire project as a standalone service. Being able to lead the project from the beginning all the way to the end will inspire greater confidence in your company and assist you in selling to homeowners who desire a contractor who can “do it all.”

Installing Pavers Opens Up New Possibilities for You as A Pool Contractor

Leveraging hardscape elements protects your company from the risk of losing business to a contractor that has wider capabilities. It also dampens your company’s risk of being associated with contractors that would come in after you and perform subpar work that overshadowed your commitment to excellence. The subsequent drop in customer satisfaction reflected badly on your company. With customer satisfaction diminished, your opportunities for referrals and follow-up work likely dwindled.

Customer disappointment is no small matter. And if such a disappointment were to occur as a result of subpar work from another contractor, you stand to get lumped into this observation by default, even though it wasn’t your fault that it happened.

Installing Pavers Opens Up New Revenue Potential

Installing pavers and walls helps you as a pool contractor to upgrade your portfolio, strengthening your selling proposition for new potential customers. Plus, you already have tools and boots on the ground, and equipment in place. Your company should squeeze every dollar out of each project it can.

Showing pictures of finished pools, and being able to sell such finished pieces, gives you a massive advantage when discussing projects with homeowners. So it would make sense for you to be able to not only handle the entire project (as seen in the magazines and pictures), but to also bid and get paid for the project as a whole. You can command higher-end prices when you can also handle the hardscape end of it.

Everyone involved benefits when you take the project from start to finish. This approach increases your bottom-line potential, helps you to ensure that every project is completed to your high standard of quality, and ensures that every customer is pleased with the outcome. This leads to more referrals, more future business, and better networking opportunities.

Unilock Can Help

Unilock offers a range of contractor support systems designed to help contractors enter the hardscape industry as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Training To Get You Started

The Unilock Training & Education Center offers contractors a unique opportunity to learn about the art of hardscape. For pool companies that wish to expand their business and knowledge-base to include paver installation as another essential element to their business model, this is a vital resource that can help you and lead to professional certification in the field.

It isn’t easy to install Unilock products. Effectively adding this skill set into your company requires a certain level of craftsmanship and experience. But with the proper training, it’s possible to equip your project managers, employees, and crew members with the skills needed to install beautiful concrete pavers that will increase your company’s revenue and expand your service lineup with Unilock products.

As a pool contractor, you likely already have the basis of knowledge, tools, and trade skill sets to successfully install pavers. Coupled with specialized training, this provides you with a means to expand your business, increase your bottom line, and take greater control over your pool installation projects than ever before.

We also regularly publish training materials on our YouTube channel and blog. View product demonstrations, tips, tricks, advice, and guidance for contractors from the convenience of your own computer or mobile device, on-demand.

A Full Range of Beautiful Products

One look at the Unilock product line will demonstrate our commitment to providing world-class hardscape options. These products are also easy to handle, intuitive to install, and designed to breathe life, beauty, and creativity into any and all hardscape projects.

Take, for example, our U-Cara line. This patented wall system is exclusive to Unilock, and empowers contractors to design and build walls, planters, pillars, fire features, grill islands, and more by stacking backer blocks and hanging fascia panels from them to create stunning beautiful surfaces. Never before has building wall elements been so intuitive. Wall stone is available in a wide range of colors and textures, giving you the ability to expand the creativity and variety of the hardscape elements of your pool installations.

This line of products is just one example of how Unilock is paving the way for new and innovative technology in the hardscape space. And pool contractors who utilize this technology stand to grow their business by a substantial margin.

For instance, Courtstone, Town Hall, and Umbriano offer a unique glimpse into the wide range of aesthetic designs available for companies that choose to install Unilock products.

In-Field Support From Unilock Territory Managers

Unilock is committed to providing boots-on-the-ground support to the contractors who install their products. And Territory Managers are a perfect example of this.

TMs provide:

  • Support to contractors in the field
  • Product samples and sample deliveries
  • Installation guidance and training
  • Sales support
  • Uvision 3D Landscape Creator support

When installing Unilock products, contractors have the option to reach out to their local Territory Manager with a simple phone call or text message. Making communication easy is a testament to our goal of helping contractors succeed.

Total Commitment to Quality And Excellence

As a successful pool contractor, you know how important it is to deliver quality and excellence in every project. You understand that these values are essential to running a successful business in your industry.

Unilock is fully committed to these values. This is why we offer a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee on every single paver. To date, over 10 billion of our pavers have been installed by contractors just like you, and we guarantee every single one of them.

But Unilock is also deeply committed to creating products that last. Many pavers look great when first installed. But withstanding the test of time is another feat entirely.

Our pavers are better and stronger. Our internal standards of manufacturing far exceed industry standards as set by the ASTM, CSA, and European organizations. This is why we can guarantee and stand behind every stone we make. We’re confident in our proven manufacturing process. And your customers will agree!

Join a 50 Year Commitment to Greatness

Unilock, founded in 1972, has been manufacturing world-class pavers for nearly 50 years. As an industry leader in the Northern US and Canada, our commitment to quality speaks as loudly as the beautiful textures and rich colors of our pavers.

We’re here to stay, and we welcome you to join us in paving a better road to the future. Being a pool contractor places you in a unique position to grow your business in the hardscape industry. And partnered with Unilock, you can make this goal a lasting reality.

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