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Premium Pavers: Why Should You Recommend Them on Every Hardscape Project?

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A major portion of the landscape construction business is selling the right products for the right projects. When it comes to pavers and retaining wall systems with higher square foot prices, however, some contractors shy away from pitching them for fear of scaring away the customer. Unilock products like EnduraColor Plus pavers, while costing more, are actually very sellable to homeowners when presented in the right way.

You both have the same goal—to have a smooth installation process that results in beautiful hardscapes that will last. Many homeowners aren’t fully aware of their options and may be able to make some room in their budget when they hear and see the benefits of investing in premium pavers.

Homeowners Need Your Guidance

It’s a rare homeowner who knows all the ins and outs and trends of the landscape world like you. They may have some ideas on what type of materials would be best for their dream outdoor living project, but they need the experience of a seasoned contractor to steer them toward the best possible choices for their budget.

Budget Talk
The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends homeowners budget at least 5%-10% of their home’s worth for proper landscaping and hardscaping. Which portion should go toward a splurge and where could they skimp? For many homeowners, “big spending” items are generally products like grills and pools, but you could easily turn the conversation toward something with more flash and lasting property value. After all, homeowners will actually save money in the long run with premium pavers guaranteed to last.

With this in mind, the higher value, greater quality, aesthetically pleasing nature of premium pavers make them an essential product to include in your project pitches.

Premium Pavers’ Appeal

Any discussion about pavers requires imagery and clear explanations. Ideally, the pitch includes something your clients can see and feel for themselves. Consider showing them a job you’re working on or a portfolio of past work, or bring along samples to show the results of different price points. Ideally, you can show the contrast between premium and standard pavers to help them make an educated decision.

A rising number of homeowners want a more modern look to their outdoor space. They want a sleek look for any additions they make, whether a backyard patio for entertaining or a stylish outdoor fire pit designed to bring the family closer together. The clean lines of Senzo™ and the urban, geometric qualities of City Park Pavers™ are only two examples of how EnduraColor Plus pavers meet the design needs of the modern homeowner.

Premium pavers help landscape contractors create sylish and durable patios, walkways, and outdoor rooms made of durable quality. With their lifetime warranty, EnduraColor Plus pavers provide homeowners with peace of mind. For example, for homeowners looking for a patio that surrounds their pool, the Umbriano® paver is the perfect recommendation because it has a non-slip surface—no worries about children slipping and falling poolside. For those homeowners interested in an outdoor kitchen area, they will be thrilled with a paver with a stain-resistant surface, like the Senzo paver.

All of the EnduraColor pavers are available with EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes, which—thanks to exclusive Unilock technology—has upgraded long-lasting beauty to everlasting beauty. Homeowners never have to worry about their pavers fading or deteriorating.

Property Value
When homeowners designate a significant chunk of their home’s worth toward upgrading their landscape and hardscape, they want something more than a lovely place to entertain and relax. They want to know they’re adding to their property value. Spending wisely could add up to 15% to the value of their home. Remind homeowners of this fact when pitching the pricier pavers; an investment in high-quality landscaping now will likely have an effect on how much they’ll yield in a future house sale.

Help Your Business

Time, Money, Energy
When homeowners select higher-quality products like EnduraColor Plus pavers, it can save your business time, money, and energy. By installing products with higher endurance and stability, you reduce the chances of follow-up complaints from customers and increase your chances of getting a good referral from a customer happy to show off the new outdoor living quarters.

You can also reduce your time preparing estimates—by 90%. Unilock’s Paver Calculator gives you the ability to calculate in a flash the amount of product required for complex multiple-paver projects. It’s more accurate than having to sketch out the project and do the math yourself.

Quality by Association
Generally, when a product costs more to produce, it costs more to buy. By associating a landscape construction business with products that have a higher price point, homeowners could assume the end product will be worth the higher price. After all, few of us are able to shake off the idea that “if it’s most expensive, it must be good.” By successfully selling and installing premium products, your company could be seen as a premium business. It could help you land larger, high-paying jobs.

Portfolio Development
One of the best ways to land more of the luxury work you want is to demonstrate the luxury work you have already done. Stylish high-end pavers like the EnduraColor Plus pavers lend themselves to prime photo opportunities and make for useful additions to contractors’ portfolios.

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