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Dura-Mat is an effective product for erosion control in spillways and retention pond applications. These interlocking concrete units fasten together on all sides, forming a permanent, protective carpet with a solid-to-void ratio that allows for vegetation growth when desired.
Shape and size

500mm x 500mm x 100mm
19 3/4" x 19 3/4" x 3 7/8"

Special order

500mm x 500mm x 100mm
19 3/4" x 19 3/4" x 3 7/8"

Heavy Dutty Vehicular e1632317142118
Commercial Vehicular
Permeable 5 e1632317125337
Roadways Streets e1632317106171
Residential Driveway
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Laying Patterns
  • Laying Patterns
  • Packaging
  • Things to know
  • Cross Sections
Sq Ft per BundleSq Ft per LayerLayers per BundleUnits per Sq FtUnits per BundleUnits per LayerLbs per LayerLbs per BundleLbs per UnitSq Ft per Unit
Sq Ft per Bundle78.4
Sq Ft per Layer11.2
Layers per Bundle7
Units per Sq Ft0.35714
Units per Bundle28
Units per Layer4
Lbs per Layer320.32
Lbs per Bundle2242.24
Lbs per Unit80.08
Sq Ft per Unit2.8


DuraMat is designed as an interlocking puzzle-like unit which locks with each neighboring stone to form a strong cohesive mat for use in erosion control applications and retention pond floors.

Recommended Base Stabilization – one layer of DriveGrid stabilization grid between subgrade and base material. Recommended depth 8” to 10” below pavers for maximum stability and performance. Use under Standard Base only.

Standard Base – Min. 6” – 8” of ¾” Crusher Run gravel (any road base standard in accordance with ASTM-D2940) compacted to 98% Standard Proctor Density (SPD). When available, use architect’s or engineer’s specific site engineering for installation.

Standard Bedding Course – no bedding required. Install directly on base material.

Jointing Material and Joint Stabilization - Fill all holes with free-draining aggregate or as specified by engineer.

Handling – This product is heavy and a two-man clamp is recommended for placement.

Edge Restraint - A concrete curb or a “sub-surface concrete wedge” can also be installed to retain the edge.

Paver Compaction - For the final compaction, a “rubber roller compactor” will give you the best results without breaking the units.

Cleaners – Not applicable

Sealers - Not applicable

The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) provides measurable criteria to determine compliance, not individual product evaluation. Gaps, joints or openings, greater than ½” horizontal and ¼” vertical should be avoided as they can disrupt wheelchair maneuvering (United States Access Board – Guidelines and Standards).

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