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Unilock Comfort Step Technology

Unilock offers a selection of paver products specially designed with a much tighter, refined surface that is comfortable to the touch. And it’s no coincidence that a product this comfortable would be called anything other than Comfort Step.

  • Velvety-Smooth
  • 3x better on bare feet

Unilock Comfort Step is created through a special finishing process for an ultra-smooth and silky texture that feels three times better on bare feet than traditional pavers*. This results in a remarkably tight surface appearance, creating a unique sensory experience that is velvety-smooth.

Comfort Step products are part of the Unilock EnduraColor™ collection, manufactured in a two-step process that provides additional protection from surface wear and fading over time.

For over fifty years, Unilock has been leading the charge in North America in manufacturing paver and wall products to create beautiful outdoor spaces, and revolutionizing the hardscape industry. Comfort Step is just another example of a technology that showcases exceptional quality with an extraordinary surface texture that can’t be beat.
*Based on consumer research

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