Digital Bidding: Keep moving during social distancing

2020 has thrown businesses a curveball. The many unknowns surrounding COVID-19 have left business owners scrambling to adjust the way they run their businesses. More than ever it is the time to practice and improve business agility. Adaptability, flexibility, and balance are three essential qualities to develop to keep your business agile.

Prequalifying Leads: Gathering & Managing the information

In the previous post we discussed why you should prequalify leads. This post discusses how to approach it and what to do with the information to make it work for you.

Save Precious Time by Prequalifying Leads

Prequalifying leads ensures your time and effort are focused on the most promising revenue-generating opportunities. Even if you already have a process for prequalifying leads, doing it right means regularly refining your process for attracting the most promising clients.

Keeping the Team on the Same Page with UVision

When it comes to communicating hardscape design to the crew and clients, there’s nothing clearer or more language-independent than detailed visuals. And UVision 3D Landscape Creator produces stunning 3D images and movies of the “finished” job, featuring realistic lighting and textures that exactly match what you’d see when the latest Unilock pavers and materials are installed.

The Essential Marketing Tools for a Successful Hardscaping Business

Business success almost always comes down to effective marketing. Word of mouth around the neighbourhood you’ve served will only get you so far. As noted management guru Peter Drucker famously proclaimed, “The purpose of a business is to create a customer”—and marketing helps move that creation along.

Strategy and Planning: Making the Most of Winter’s Downtime

Finding some time to do a little strategizing can pay huge dividends next season, and striking the right balance can reinvigorate both you and your business.

Hardscaping Is a Tough Business, But It’s One of the Greatest

Hardscaping is not the easiest of businesses. It’s physically demanding, the seasonal ups and downs can wreak havoc on cash flow, and burnout can easily spread. You could have opted for life in an office chair, or taken an easier career route that wouldn’t have come close to delivering the type of job satisfaction you do get most days of the year.

Leveraging Social Media to Boost Your Close Rate and Grow Your Hardscaping Business

Social media offers low-cost, high-impact avenues to market your business with little risk and a high potential upside.

Increasing Profits Effortlessly! Optimized Design, Optimized Base, and Optimized Crew

If you feel like “optimizing your business” just sounds like more make-work, you may not be alone. Skilled landscape craftsmen, those who have built successful businesses and are ready to grow again, inevitably find themselves doing less of the work they love and more of the business tasks they don’t.

Polymeric Sand and Sealers: Putting the finishing touch on your hardscape job, in style

Owners of landscaping businesses across the U.S. and Canada are often on the lookout for growth opportunities. But ambitious small-business owners can easily find themselves spending days (and nights) working to grow their business, taking precious hours away from day-to-day business operations and even personal and family time.

Heated Driveways: What You Need to Know Before Offering This Solution to Homeowners

Contractors who are about to take on a paver driveway project have an excellent business opportunity in front of them: the potential to also install a heated driveway system. Many homeowners who live in snowy regions aren’t even aware that it’s possible to rid their driveway – and even their front walkway and steps – of snow and ice buildup without ever having to shovel again.

Selling Landscape Lighting: Low-Voltage LED Is Here to Stay and so is a Growing Opportunity

Are you integrating outdoor lighting into your hardscape projects? If not, you may be missing out on a large up-sell opportunity. Many contractors in the U.S. and Canada are successfully training their teams to install low-voltage lighting systems and they’re adding a new, substantial revenue stream in the process.

Offering Irrigation to the End Consumer through Partnerships

When it comes to curb appeal, most homeowners who pay even the slightest attention to detail know that a lush, green lawn and well-planned landscape make a big impact. In fact, an attractive landscape ranks as one of the that homebuyers consider when they’re in the market for a new property.

Permeable Pavers and Rainwater Harvesting

Permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICPs) can play a significant role in water-wise conservation and rainwater harvesting – two hot-button topics at the core of the environmental conversation. Permeable pavers can be used both in passive rainwater retention and in “catchment” areas as part of more ambitious, active water recovery systems.

Why and How to Integrate a System for Acquiring Customer Reviews

In the old days, hardscape business came largely through referrals and word of mouth. The digital era has shepherded in new ways to promote business and also new ways for customers to search for products and services.

Avoiding Burnout on Hardscape Crews

It’s just the nature of the job: Hardscape projects can be grueling with long days and longer weeks, often in oppressive heat and demanding conditions. And while some jobs are more physical than others, any project that requires an experienced crew rarely fits the description “easy.”

Stone Dust Doesn't Belong Under Pavers. Here’s Why.

It’s been a few thousand years since the first roads were built, but there’s still no shortage of opinions about the right way to build them.

Edge Restraints: Why So Much Variety in Installation Methods?

All paver projects, regardless of size or type, have an important challenge to address—how to best restrain the edge of the pavers. Without a proper edge restraint, pavers will slowly move, leading to gaps and a breakdown of their interlocking system.

Facebook Groups: The Modern Word-of-Mouth Referral

When modern homeowners need a referral for a landscape contractor, they may no longer call a friend and ask. Instead, they’re increasingly more likely to post their question in one of their Facebook groups and receive almost instant responses.

Premium Pavers: Why Should You Recommend Them on Every Hardscape Project?

A major portion of the landscape construction business is selling the right products for the right projects. When it comes to pavers and retaining wall systems with higher square foot prices, however, some contractors shy away from pitching them for fear of scaring away the customer.