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Polymeric Sand and Sealers: Putting the finishing touch on your hardscape job, in style

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Owners of landscaping businesses across the U.S. and Canada are often on the lookout for growth opportunities. But ambitious small-business owners can easily find themselves spending days (and nights) working to grow their business, taking precious hours away from day-to-day business operations and even personal and family time. Finding new ways to increase sales in the landscape industry with minimal additional work is not an easy task, but it may not be impossible. Focusing on finishing details such as polymeric sand and paver sealers is an excellent choice for landscape contractors looking to set themselves apart from the competition, while also adding a channel for incremental sales growth. Products like Easy Pro Joining Compound from Unilock have changed the game, offering increased opportunities for repeat revenue with minimal additional labor and reduced marketing costs.

Ride the Wave of Growth

The North American hardscape market still has a lot of room for growth. In Europe, there is approximately 100 square feet of concrete pavers per person. Compare that figure to the United States, where there is only approximately 1 square foot of concrete pavers per person. With more and more American homeowners falling in love with the look and durability of concrete pavers, the opportunity in the sands and sealers segment is only going to grow right along with the increased amount of pavers being installed year after year.

These trends mean hardscape contractors that invest in the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the repeat service of polymeric sand and sealer application will be in high demand in the coming years

Competition in Polymeric Sand and Sealers Remains Low

Despite this huge opportunity for growth, the current market for polymeric sand and sealers remains severely underserved. Recent estimates place the number of sealed hardscapes in the United States at just 5%. As adoption by homeowners increases, the number of contractors currently available to service the old market trends will not be enough to handle present demand.

Unlike other areas of construction, which often have high barriers of entry due to an oversaturation of contractors providing the service, the polymeric sand and sealers market is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Establishing a market presence in this sphere is not just easier right now; it also offers opportunities to build a reputation in the space that will capture market share in the future.

Adding to the opportunity is how easily the benefits of polymeric sand and sealers can be shown to homeowners. Current marketing materials can be revised with a simple photo that illustrates the beautiful finish of a sealed concrete paver, or with a before-and-after photo series that clearly shows the results of a restoration. Showing potential customers these aesthetic improvements makes it easier to convince them to invest in the service.

Expertise in Polymeric Sand and Sealers Can Be Sold to Homeowners in Many Different Ways

1. Protection and Refurbishment of Old Hardscapes
Rather than having prospective customers land on your home page, where their precise needs may be buried in a navigation tab that they will have to search for, use a specific landing page. This page is designed to cater to the specific search request, so the user does not have to search around for the answer to their problem. The landing page should have a simple layout with plenty of information and images about the keyword, signaling to the searcher that they have found the right place. This page will improve your “quality score” which Google uses to help determine the ad’s rank.

Contact new potential customers with existing hardscapes that are in decent shape and offer to refurbish them. Additionally, tap into your existing and previous customer database to market your new sands and sealers offering to an already warm list. For homeowners with newer concrete pavers and natural stone, present the protective benefits of your services and their ability to improve the longevity and beauty of their initial investment. For homeowners with older hardscapes, highlight the restorative benefits of having work done, and offer to refurbish the hardscape as a cheaper alternative to a full replacement

2. Upselling and Ongoing Maintenance of New Hardscapes
When you discuss new hardscape work with potential customers, use polymeric sand, jointing compound, and sealers for upsell opportunities. Tout the protective benefits, and emphasize the increased durability and aesthetic perks the service adds. Present the work as a small investment that protects a much larger one.

Then, once homeowners agree to the work, devise an upkeep and minor maintenance plan. Suggest annual return visits to assess the work and address any minor deteriorations. Work this into the original contract so you can charge for return visits to complete maintenance work every year, as well as stay top of mind with the homeowner if they decide to do other large landscaping projects in the future.

3. Offer Hardscape Customization Options
Unilock polymeric sand and sealer products can create a variety of aesthetic effects for any type of hardscape, so be sure to discuss options with homeowners. The prospect of customization can be attractive to homeowners when they understand the merits of the specialized utility and unique look that is possible.

For example, Unilock Easy Pro™ Jointing Compound is a cutting-edge product that offers an incredible look and performance. Offering this type of alternative to traditional joint sand can help set a contractor apart from the competition.

A Great Product. An even Better Business Opportunity.

Polymeric sand, jointing compounds, and sealers are a versatile suite of products for contractors. They reduce wear and tear on new hardscapes and refurbish old ones with minimal investment in time, labor, and material. Offering these services gives contractors another way to satisfy their customers and increase their revenue. In addition, their versatility means they can be a good fit for any homeowner that has, or is considering, a hardscape. Whether homeowners have existing hardscapes or are installing new ones, the right polymeric sand and sealer products can be used in custom solutions to address any preference. The fact that it is a rapidly growing market that remains underserved means that these aren’t just great products – they are an excellent business opportunity that savvy landscape contractors should consider leveraging.

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