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Commercial Contractors – Expand Your Business with Hardscape

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Commercial landscape contractors are always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience while modernizing their business model and remaining relevant in a rapidly changing market. It’s a constant effort that requires occasional pivoting as trends shift or economic conditions change. For commercial contractors facing headwind pressure as property owners rethink their commercial development and leasing strategies, there is opportunity in becoming known as a trusted expert in the materials and methods that will deliver on every customer’s expectations for safe, attractive, welcoming, and functional outdoor spaces.

With ongoing training and support from Unilock, your team will become well-versed in Unilock products and building techniques, simplifying the process of recommending the right materials for every unique situation, and ensuring a quality end result customers will greatly appreciate. Unilock offers reliable resources and connections that will help you expand your business, making it possible to quickly scale your company’s capabilities while knowing you can confidently agree to take on larger scale, more rewarding projects.

Unilock Is Here to Support Your Expansion

Acquiring skilled, reliable labor is a constant challenge in our industry yet it is not an insurmountable one. Unilock Authorized Contractors are carefully vetted for their high level of workmanship and business practices, and this elite group can be relied upon—and easily called upon—when a project requires more manpower or skill sets than your current crew allows. Our exacting expectations for these contractors mean you can trust that they will act professionally on the job as they represent your business in their capacity as subcontractors. They are up-to-date on Unilock premium materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and top-tier construction practices.

For contractors that partner with us, Unilock also offers the Uvision 3D Landscape Creator, which can help you quickly clarify the vision of any large- or small-scale project. The ability to quickly change the look with different product choices can streamline the final choice, and accelerate the project timeline, giving you a competitive edge—and giving your clients the satisfaction of a faster completion date.

Our accredited certified courses and a vast library of resources aim to impart hardscape contractors with the fundamental and in-depth understanding of meeting customers’ desires and building robust structures correctly, whether the project includes driveways, parking areas, public gathering spaces, walkways, pool decks, retaining walls, patios, or outdoor kitchens.

At any time, you can reach out to Unilock Territory Managers for infield, onsite support about using Unilock products that come with a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee. These individuals are specifically trained in business development, sales, design and implementation of material handling equipment including an extensive knowledge on choosing and delivering the best products for the project, and expanding the network of referral relationships. As well, you will be able to expertly recommend industry-leading Unilock products because of their:

  • First-class, superior quality
  • Unmatched product variety to meet every conceivable need
  • Trend-setting technologies

Adopting a Blended Approach to the Business

The coronavirus pandemic has, to put it mildly, turned everything upside down. In particular, according to a recent article, residential outdoor landscaping is growing in demand. In part, this is due to increased health consciousness and a desire to grow food at home, but also by increasing awareness of a home’s environmental impact, as well as the impact of stay-at-home orders that brought to light some landscapes’ shortcomings.

These developments may inspire some interest in extending your services from commercial outdoor settings to residential. The intent of both arenas is to introduce both beautiful and functional elements, whether a college campus needs a winding walkway around a water feature, or a sophisticated estate requires clearly distinguishable areas in the landscape, such as an active kid-friendly poolscape during the day and a place for the adults to relax by in the evening. Either project can be inspired by the timeless classic appeal of concrete pavers, such as Unilock Town Hall pavers, which can be relied upon for creating a durable, well-traveled walkway or for establishing an intimate patio by a fire pit.

Some commercial contractors may find this transition a smoother one to make than others. If you have specialized in the hospitality industry, for instance, you may be well-versed in the grandeur of using concrete pavers and wall stone to construct visually pleasing and inviting spaces.

There is a beneficial synergy that can occur should you decide to take on residential in addition to your commercial projects. Expertise in streamlining complex commercial projects can lead to more efficient residential practices that result in faster, more efficient projects. And residential projects can spark ideas for more people-friendly spaces in large industrial/commercial projects.

A warm, cozy touch could be just what a business landscape needs to attract passers-by; and even commercial contractors who primarily design large manufacturing facility landscapes might find that their residential clients want to use sleek, modern materials to achieve an industrial-chic look.

Hardscape contractors that are capable of offering a full range of services and have the expertise to source the best materials for any project scope means that they can offer targeted recommendations that mesh perfectly with the client’s aesthetic goals, site needs, and budget.

With support from Unilock, you can become a trusted source for both large-scale commercial projects as well as stunning residential projects where discerning homeowners desire more than a cookie-cutter approach.

Embracing the Emerging Trend Toward Eco-Conscious Landscapes

The desire to lower the eco-footprint of a business or home is admirable, and you can position your business as the premier expert and provider of eco-friendly solutions such as permeable pavers. On a large scale, permeable pavers can simplify winter facility maintenance. On a small scale, homeowners will love knowing that they can reduce their eco-footprint by preventing runoff from their driveways and patios. Unilock can help you in this effort with our wide range of permeable paver options and guidance on proper installation.

Laid on a permeable base, with larger gaps between each paver to enable easier water flow through their joints, a permeable paver system mimics the water absorption process of natural land by filtering the stormwater and directing it to underground aquifers.

These pavers also offer a safety component by preventing a pool of water from forming and turning to ice. Permeable pavers are also compatible with electric driveway heating systems that are designed to melt existing snow or ice and prevent water accumulation buildup over the surface.

Looking to the Future of Your Business

As we have proven with the Unilock Authorized Contractor program, Unilock empowers established business owners with innovative products and guidance for taking their company to the next level. While your current niche may be commercial contracting, Unilock is poised to offer you an opportunity to expand your capabilities. We share valuable training, content, and the kind of support required to master the craft of hardscaping. Our wide range of inspiring products offer endless possibilities for gorgeous outdoor living spaces and an ongoing resource as you enhance your service. Working together, we can help you achieve your company’s growth goals.

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