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Wall Calculator

How do I calculate how much product I need for the garden walls, retaining walls, steps or pillars in my outdoor living project?

The Unilock Wall Calculator features all of our Unilock retaining wall and garden wall products. This calculator provides an estimate of the amount of material you will need to construct just about any vertical feature. Adding pillars to a front entrance? Or a seat wall to a back yard patio? Easily calculate the amount of wall product you will need to make your client’s vision a reality.

The tool itself is very simple. Add a project item (choose from the list of retaining walls and base units, wall fascia panel [for our popular U-Cara product], wall, step and pool coping, pillars or steps). Select the Unilock product you wish to work with. Add your total linear footage, and the average height. There’s even the ability to add your number of outside corners.

Our wall calculator will help you save time and provide accuracy like never before. For even more efficiency, we’ve combined our wall calculator with our paver calculator so you have the ability to calculate your entire project all at once. You can add or remove products and your project calculations will update in real time.


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