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Speed-Calc™ Wall Calculator FAQ:
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What is the Unilock Speed-Calc Wall Calculator?

The Unilock Speed-Calc Wall Calculator simplifies project planning for contractors and dealers by quickly determining the required bundles and layers based on the provided area and measurements. This practical tool significantly reduces the time needed for manual calculations, making the process more efficient.

We’ve combined our wall calculator with our paver calculator so you can calculate your entire project all at once. You can add or remove products and your project calculations will update in real time.

For a quick step-by-step tutorial, check out our YouTube video on Speed-Calc. 

How do I get started using the wall calculator?

Before accessing Speed-Calc to start a new project on the wall calculator, ensure you have your project’s design and rough dimensions ready, along with the Unilock products you’re considering. Once prepared, simply enter your project name, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click “Get Started.”


How do I use the Speed-Calc Retaining Wall Calculator?

The tool itself is very simple. Add a project item by choosing from the list of retaining walls and base units, wall fascia panels [for our popular U-Cara product], steps, pillars, and pool coping. Select the Unilock products you wish to work with, and add your total linear footage, and the average height. There’s even the ability to add your number of outside corners.


How do I select specific retaining wall products using the wall calculator?

The next step is to add specific retaining wall products to your project. Click the “+” sign to add an item to your project bucket, in this case, you will add a “Retaining Wall and Base Unit”.  Choose the wall product, whether it’s a standard, corner double unit, standard backer, or any other application. Products can be selected individually or for use within a random bundle. Products can also be selected individually, or within various bundle sizes.


How do I calculate the total amount of retaining wall square footage I need?

Once you’ve selected a product, enter the total length in feet you will need for your retaining wall project, as well as the height of the wall (including the embedment). Finally, you will need to specify how many outside corners will be required to build your wall. Fill in the blank fields and move on to the next step.


Can I add other wall products to my project?

Yes. To do this, click “Add Wall, Step & Pool Coping” when viewing details of a product you’ve already selected.  This will allow you to choose additional wall products, steps, or coping units that will help you build your wall. Once you’ve selected a product, choose your coping orientation (either Sailor or Soldier), and set the total linear footage you will need for your product.


How do I calculate base units using the wall calculator?

When clicking to add additional products, you can select the option to “Add a Base Unit.” We highly recommend ordering Base Units as this helps support the stability of the wall, the speed of your installation, and the ease of leveling. Once you click Add a Base Unit, you can select from different base unit products, choose your base unit orientation (either Sailor or Soldier), and add the appropriate length you are hoping to cover in your project.


How can I view my final wall calculation?

Once you’ve selected all the products you will use for your project in the wall calculator, click through to the “Review Summary” page. Be sure to carefully review all selected wall, base, and coping products you’ve selected to ensure you’ve calculated everything accurately and have not missed any products you will need to complete your project. Once completed, click “Calculate Now.”  The Speed-Calc wall calculator will take all the data you have provided, and give you a detailed breakdown of the number of full and potential partial bundles you will need to complete your project.

Note: Be sure to calculate extra product to cover any product you may need to replace during installation so that you aren’t left short when it comes time to install your client’s wall.


How do I save my wall calculator results to use later?

Once you’re satisfied with the wall calculator results, you can choose to email or print the details of your order to your files. To save your calculation, you must be signed into your Project Bin account. The Project Bin can be accessed anytime by clicking the folder icon at the top of the webpage.

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