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Unilock DriveCel™ is a rigid, geo-cellular confinement system designed for soil reinforcement and load distribution.

Made from 100% recycled low-density polyethylene, DriveCel boasts remarkable durability, with resistance to biological, chemical, and UV degradation. Thanks to its lightweight design, DriveCel ensures a smooth and effortless installation, making it perfect for tackling heavy load bearing paver projects, even when site subgrade conditions are poor or wet.

DriveCel can be driven on before paver installation, and is designed to handle the weight of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. DriveCel can be used in a variety of applications, including permeable pavements, streetscapes, garage decks and as foundation support for retaining walls.

Easy to Install
DriveCel is lightweight, easy-to-handle, and installs quickly by clicking the units together making them into a continuous structural mat. Repairs or adjustments can easily be done at any time during the project.
DriveCel allows for flexible installation, accommodating either a 1 sqm arrangement or divided into 4 separate units.
High Tensile and Compressive Strength
Creates a superior Reinforced Soil Structure (RSS) with high tensile and compressive strength to maximize the performance of pavement surface.
When using a permeable (clear stone) base and bedding material, DriveCel is perfect for load-bearing applications where strength is paramount.
10 Year Guarantee
The 10-year Unilock DriveCel warranty extended to our clients solely covers the DriveCel material itself. Please note, this warranty does not encompass any aspects of installation.
Drivecel GF50 Heavy Duty - Load Distribution
Pavement Structure Applications
Transitions Applications
Wall Levelling Pads Applications
Technical information
  • Things to know

Conforms to:
• DIN 38412 – Neutral for the environment, lifespan higher than 10 years
• DIN 4102 – Approval emergency access routes, fire resistance
• DIN 1072 – Approval for 20 tonne axle load, driveways, road extensions, bridges
• DIN IN ISO 124 and B125 – Approval for car parks, access roads & storage areas

• Made from 100% recycled plastic
• Recyclable
• Neutral for the environment
Maximum Load Capacity = 1,000 tonnes / m2 (filled) Temperature Range = -35°C to 85°C (-31°F to 185 °F) Tile Wall Thickness = 3 mm (for GF50 & GF30) Performance Design Life = >100 years

DriveCel tiles are installed by laying them on the compacted gravel base and connecting them together with the built-in male/female connectors and the voids are then filled with additional gravel. This system functions by creating lateral load distribution.  DriveCel can also be used for temporary applications where the ground is unstable and machine access is required because you can drive on them while the voids are empty. For the strongest paver surface possible, consider DriveCel.


Tiles & Bundling Thickness Unit Bundle Layer Bundle Layers Dimensions Unit Bundle
DriveCel30 Light Duty 1.2” (30mm) 0.250 / 2.69 80 / 861.1 4 (2×2) 320 80 1.05 x 1.05 x 2.55m

3.44 x 3.44 x 8.37ft

1.1 / 2.4 352 / 776.0
DriveCel50 Heavy Duty 2” (50mm) 0.250 / 2.69 48 / 516.7 4 (2×2) 192 48 1.05 x 1.05 x 2.55m

3.44 x 3.44 x 8.37ft

1.6 / 3.5 307.2 / 677.2




Pavement Structure Reinforcement

Under pavers, on subgrade for improvement, multi-layers for maximum performance and durability, conventional and permeable pavements, driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, roof decks, over parking garages, trails and paths.

Pavement Transitions

Can be used on pavers to asphalt, pavers to concrete, driveways to garage, around catch basins and maintenance holes, over culverts.

Access Roads

Suitable for emergency and fire access, temporary construction access, and grassed permeable pavers.

Foundation Support

Supports retaining wall levelling pads, outdoor kitchens, barbecues and fireplaces.

Low Impact Development (LID)

Ideal when paired with permeable pavers that contains water storage in the pavement structure.


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