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UTEC Training

The following library of videos and/or documents are here to assist you in learning the best installation practices for various Unilock products and accessories.

Pavers & Jointing Sands

Mechanical Installation of Eco-Line™

The mechanical installation of Eco-Line is demonstrated in detail

(1:36 mins)
Polymeric Sand Installation

Polymeric Sand is one of the most popular jointing sands available. To ensure a successful installation be sure to watch this video.

(5:20 mins)
Easy Pro™ Jointing Compound

Easy-Pro™ is the newest of all jointing compounds. The features, benefits and the installation techniques are discussed in this video.

(5:34 mins)
Paver Installation (English) Part 1

• Planning
• Materials
• Excavation
• Gravel Base

(4:28 mins)
Paver Installation (English) Part 2

• Screeding
• Laying Pavers
• Edge Restraint

(6:32 mins)
Paver Installation (English) Part 3

• Final Compacting
• Finishing

(3:43 mins)
La Instalación de Adoquines (Spanish) Primera Parte
(5:22 mins)
La Instalación de Adoquines (Spanish) Segunda Parte
(6:47 mins)
La Instalación de Adoquines (Spanish) Tercera Parte
(4:02 mins)

Walls & Verticals

Rivercrest Wall Installation

Leverage all the key advantages that this innovative and labor-saving wall system has to provide.

(6:25 mins)
Unilock Basic Fireplace Construction

Step by step instructions on how to construct a basic fireplace using firebrick, a metal or concrete pre-fab insert

(10:59 mins)
Rivercrest Cluster Installation Technique
(4:27 mins)
Rivercrest Pillars
(3:31 mins)
Cutting Ledgestone coping

6 ft. radius or greater

(3:26 mins)
Cutting Ledgestone coping

6 ft. radius or less

(2:49 mins)

Uvision 3D Training Videos

Uvision 3D Getting Started
(3:34 mins)
Building A House
(2:24 mins)
Modifying Siding & Roofs
(1:32 mins)
Adding Doors & Windows
(2:14 mins)
Adjusting Door & Window Elevation
(1:05 mins)
Adding A Chimney
(0:58 mins)
Drawing A Driveway
(1:01 mins)
Modifying the Driveway
(1:32 mins)
Back Patio & Winding Walkway
(3:24 mins)
Building The Front Step
(7:27 mins)
Modifying A Winding Walkway
(1:34 mins)
Building A Curved Planter
(5:52 mins)
Changing The Look of Coping
(1:17 mins)
Paver Lights, Borders, & Grades
(6:26 mins)
Paver Accent Wizard
(2:19 mins)
Placing Soil into Planter
(2:35 mins)
Raised Patio
(3:39 mins)
Drawing A Pool & Pool Patio
(4:13 mins)
Adding Outdoor Kitchen
(3:51 mins)
Custom Grill Island & Deck
(2:17 mins)
Building A Custom Grill Island
(3:41 mins)
Designing A Pond
(1:45 mins)
Landscaping The Pond
(3:53 mins)
Adding Columns to Raised Patio
(1:39 mins)
Drawing A Pavillion Roof
(4:16 mins)
Drawing A Wooden Deck
(2:15 mins)
Fences & Hedges
(2:55 mins)
Planting Part 1
(3:38 mins)
Planting Part 2
(2:11 mins)
Adding Accessories
(4:13 mins)
Unilock & Plant Legends
(4:03 mins)
The 4 Minute 3D Landscape Plan
(9:12 mins)
Working with Layers & Grades
(16:22 mins)