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The Three P’s of Attending a Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminar

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Author: Adam DeLamielleure
Territory Manager from Michigan

Shortly after Unilock began manufacturing concrete paving stones and retaining wall systems nearly 50 years ago, we determined that offering contractor training was essential. Our Contractor Advantage Seminars were born from the deep respect we have for the manufacturer/installer partnership that is part of our DNA. So each and every year, we work hard to produce seminars that bring real value to our customers, as well as drive the overall industry forward. It’s not just something we do each year; it’s something we are determined to do better each year.

Why should you come to a Unilock Advantage Seminar?

As a landscape/hardscape contractor, you wear a lot of hats throughout the year. Heck, you most likely change these hats several times each day. We understand that it’s not just Unilock products that you offer to your customers. Pavers, walls, plants, mulch, sod, lighting, irrigation… the list goes on and on. As the projects have gotten more complex, so too has the overall industry and level of knowledge needed to be successful. Let’s face it. The better you know something, the more comfortable you’ll be with it, and the easier it’ll be to sell and install it.

That’s why you come to a Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminar. You come to learn… so you can feel more comfortable… so you can be more successful.

So what do YOU need to learn more about this year?

While some of the things you need to learn will depend on the stage your company is in, there are certain foundations that are beneficial to everyone. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re celebrating your 25th year in business, the Three P’s of Unilock Advantage Seminars—products, procedures, and people—are sure to be relevant to your success. Let’s have a look at each.


“A Passion for Innovation.” That’s in our DNA as well. Each year, we come out with new and exciting Unilock products. A paving stone is no longer just a paving stone. Today, there are products that don’t just look better, they also perform better and last longer. But all this innovation requires work to keep up with the changes. Our seminars are built to help you understand the differences in our products, how to sell them more effectively, and how to install them so that they last a lifetime.


One of the best ways to build continuous success and growth is to develop effective systems and best practices. Although Unilock Advantage Seminars cover a wide array of topics ranging from installation, design, sales, and business development, we always discuss ways of developing these systems and share the best practices we have found.


This is perhaps one of the best reasons to come to a Unilock seminar. It’s a great opportunity to learn about, and get to know better, the other people that attend. Both in the crowd and at the front of the class.

Our industry is tough. We go from working 12 hours a day in 100 degree heat to sitting around waiting for it to snow a few months later. It takes a special type of person to be successful in this industry. And we love it! Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminars offer a great opportunity to network with your peers, share ideas, and even build some strategic partnerships.

Around the same time that we determined our industry needed training, we also realized we needed “Boots on the Ground.” We believe that Unilock products need to be promoted and supported, so we invest heavily in having knowledgeable people to assist you in the field. Enter your local Territory Manager (TM). Our seminars are built by our local TMs, ensuring the material covered is relevant to your specific market, while letting each of our TMs share their own brand of passion.

Not sure who your TM is? Contact us and we will introduce you!

So whether you’re a seasoned hardscape contractor or someone just thinking about getting into the business, our Contractor Advantage Seminars are for you. I promise you, if you come in with an open mind, you will leave with more than you came with. Take a look at the schedule and make it a point to attend one. Can’t wait to see you!

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