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County Wide Landscaping
2022 Best In Show

The scope of this modern, geometric pool deck project was something County Wide Landscaping was more than prepared to handle, given their extensive experience.

“The homeowner had contacted me from another project I had done,” said Brian Larsen, President of County Wide Landscaping.

During initial design meetings, Brian discovered that the homeowners envisioned a modern, outdoor sanctuary featuring a versatile outdoor kitchen and a putting green. From there, Brian and his team were given unrestricted creative license that would allow them to design the perfect backyard haven.

The finished space features a monochromatic pool deck in a beautiful mosaic-like geometric design, with patterned squares interspersed with zigzagging lines of artificial turf. When deciding on which paver to use, Brian said that the exceptional quality of Unilock Arcana™ provided the sleek, modern look he needed to achieve this extravagant design.

“In order to work with the artificial turf, I needed something with clean edges that didn’t have a lot of gap to them, so the Arcana slabs proved perfect,” says Brian. The ingenious combination of non-slip Arcana™ pavers with artificial turf not only adds a touch of artistry, but also creates a refreshing and comforting surface that provides a cool underfoot.


The pool deck presented another exciting design opportunity with its captivating water feature – a breathtaking waterfall cascading gracefully from the roof of the elegantly shaded pergola. “One big challenge was making the waterfall come out of the pergola and still have the pergola be an operable, movable top that opens and closes for shade,” says Brian.

The pergola was built using Lineo™ Dimensional Stone in Granite Blend, topped with Ledgestone™ pillar caps in a grey hue to complement the minimalistic design of the backyard space. Patio lighting was installed under the pillar caps on the patio, creating a soothing ambiance while also helping to guide visitors during nighttime hours.

One of the challenges that Brian and his team needed to address during installation was elevation. “There was a lot of grading that had to go into this to make the project work, that’s why it’s a three-level patio,” says Brian.

Designing the upper deck granted Brian the opportunity to accommodate one of the homeowner’s wish list items: an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, bar island and granite countertop designed using Lineo™ Dimensional Stone in Granite Blend, with multiple bar stools to accommodate guests. Finally, nestled towards the rear of the yard, an enclosed seating area features a cozy fire pit centerpiece, allowing for guests to relax and unwind on crisp summer nights. The fire pit was designed using Lineo™ Dimensional Stone in Granite Blend, topped with Ledgestone™ Fullnose coping.

In the end, Brian and his team were able to meet the demands of this 2,400sqft project to create a stunning outdoor space that will be enjoyed for years. “We love tackling projects this size and being able to be creative, so we look forward to when these types of jobs come along and are given the opportunity to do them.”

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