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Product Sell Sheets

Enhance your sales presentation/estimate with color printouts of Elegance products.
Each Sell Sheet contains product information, colors and photos. Simply select the sheet in the dropdown menu below and then click the download or print button to get the ones you need.

In order to save this PDF to your Ipad and have it available on demand, simply touch any image in the file when it opens and select “Open in iBooks” where you will be able to save it for future use.


Uvision™ 3D Design Library

Use the Uvision 3D Design Library as a preliminary discussion tool with your client. You may even want to consider pricing each plan out so that you have a point of reference when discussing budget.

Each Design Package Download contains 5 images rendered at different angles and a plan view. The file is a compressed Zip file which can be extracted on a PC or Mac. Inside the Zip file each Jpeg image is named with the project type and the project size (basic, mid or deluxe). The remaining file is a Landscape Creator file which you can open and customize if you wish.

Each download package takes 4 minutes (or less) to download.

In order to view and/or manipulate the 3D file you must have Uvision 3D Landscape Creator Software on your PC or Mac (note: Mac users must run Parallels or Boot Camp in order to run this software).

Download a free trialGet the most out of these design packages by using Uvision 3D Landscape Creator Software.

Uvision 3D Landscape
Creator™ Software

  • • Realistic Unilock Paver and Wall Patterns
  • • Design fast
  • • Easy to learn
  • • Export 3D Images
  • • Export 2D Working drawings
  • • Product HD fly-thru videos
  • • Contains over 15,000 object library

Download a free trial or purchase

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Banding and Accent Library

Close more sales with EnduraColor™ Plus Banding and Accents! Show your clients how EnduraColor Plus Banding and Accents products will make their project design pop! Download the complete library of cool combinations for use on your laptop, tablet, or iPad®. Below are just 6 of 50+ combinations.

Download a printable (PDF) version of the library. In order to save this PDF to your Ipad and have it available on demand, simply touch any image in the file when it opens and select “Open in iBooks” where you will be able to save it for future use.
Download all the individual accent images for use on your laptop or tablet device. In order to save these images to your iPad, you should download the free MyMedia app from Apple, or MyFiles for Android tablets.

Outdoor Idea Center

Bring your customers to one of our Outdoor Idea Centers and show them real life examples of how their favourite products look and feel, and how they can couple them with numerous different border and banding options.  Our Outdoor Idea Centers are at your disposal before or after business hours, but to speak to a knowledgeable product specialist, visit us during business hours and they will be sure to assist you in the selling process. We are sure you and your customer will come away inspired!

EnduraColor™ Plus Swatch Files

Color is one of the major decision points in any hardscape project. Being able to quickly review colors on your iPad or other tablet device can be extremely helpful. Easily swipe back and forth, zoom in to help your customer get a real sense of color and texture. Makes it easy to email your customer some examples too!


In order to save these images to your iPad, you should download the free MyMedia app from Apple, or MyFiles for Android tablets.

Learn about Unilock® products and close more sales!

More than ever before, today’s customer is becoming more and more familiar with various products and will seek out those products that have the features and benefits that they want most. Take some time to learn about what makes Unilock’s products and our proprietary technologies, so that you can make the best recommendations for your client and close more sales!

Enduring Color united with Strength
Enduring Color united with Strength

Exceptionally strong stone with color that endures.

Unilock EnduraColor™ products deliver durability through a perfect union: long-lasting color united with permanent strength. The top portion of each stone is engineered with concentrated color and special wear-resistant materials. This is permanently united with the stone’s base – a sturdier, coarser foundation designed for remarkable strength. The result is an exceptionally strong stone with color that endures.

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Enduring Color united with Strength


A new standard for everlasting beauty.

Enduracolor™ Plus products promise long-lasting beauty through a proprietary blend of exclusive and superior ingredients.

A complex blend of granite and quartz, some of nature’s highest performing minerals, is combined with non-fading color pigments that hold fast under UV light and extreme weather conditions. This combination is used to create ultra-realistic surface textures and unique style options that are exceptionally durable
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Enduring Color united with Strength


For the rustic elegance of natural flagstone.

Unilock’s StoneMark™ products are designed to add classic elegance to any project with all the surface texture and color variation of natural stone, but the durability and precision of a manufactured paver. Unlike natural flagstone textures that can feel coarse and trap dirt, our proprietary manufacturing process produces products that are smooth to the touch.

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Additional technologies


Reala™ Surface Technology

Ultra realistic textures cast from actual natural stones, bricks and cobblestones and created by utilizing the most technologically advanced molds available today.



A proprietary integral surface protection formed during the manufacturing process to allow for easier cleaning.



A specialized proprietary manufacturing process creates paving stones up to 4x the strength of traditional poured concrete.



A proprietary coloring process that randomly disperses specialized color particles to create unique, bold, vibrant colors.