Harnessing the Power of a Great Portfolio to Grow Your Landscaping Business - Part 2: Putting your project photos to work

A quality portfolio is one of the most versatile marketing elements for attracting new clients to your work. When paired with a solid system for proper photo organization and an understanding of the marketing channels in which to use them, a portfolio’s ROI is significant to business growth in the landscaping industry.

Harnessing the Power of a Great Portfolio to Grow Your Landscaping Business - Part 1: Getting Great Project Photos

In any industry, a professional’s portfolio is key to successfully acquiring new customers. Photographic portfolios are particularly helpful for landscape construction professionals.

Managing Foremen Proactively Through Incentivizing Part 3: Intangibles

To some degree, most employees are motivated by money. For some of your employees, money will be the number one reason why they come to work every morning. But, for others, money isn’t everything.

Managing Foremen Proactively Through Incentivizing Part 2: Monetary Incentives

Once you’ve solidified your leadership techniques, establishing ways to retain your best employees will be incredibly important. In part two of this series, we will discuss monetary incentives.

Managing Foremen Proactively Through Incentivizing Part 1: Effective Leadership

When it comes to running a business, nothing is quite as important as the way you manage your employees. No matter what kind of business you run, the best managers know how to encourage, guide, and incentivize their workers.

Facing a labor shortage? Let equipment supercharge your productivity

Contractors have a tendency to describe themselves as equipment “junkies,” “collectors,” or “enthusiasts.” Yet, most contractors rarely have the equipment on hand to back that claim up, let alone to adequately handle the demands of their projects’ needs.

Selling Hardscapes: Connecting Concrete to Homeowners Emotions

The hardscape industry has undergone major growth over the last few years, with purchases shifting from being mostly utilitarian to luxury in nature. For those landscape contractors that have been selling hardscapes for over a decade, the days of installing 10’x10′ patios featuring a single-size, 4″x8″ Hollandstone paver might not feel so far away.

Landscape Contractors: Turn Your Website into Your Greatest Sales Tool

When it comes to operating your business, chances are good that you recognize the benefits of a great first impression. Before meeting with a client, you likely make yourself presentable by removing the extra mud on your boots and dusting off the particles left on your shirt from the demo saw.

Helping to Reduce Labor Gaps with UTEC Online

During the Contractor Advantage Seminars this past year, I asked a question of the attendees. It was a simple question, but a telling one: “How many of you have a training system in place at your company?” I wasn’t expecting so few hands to go up; out of over 1,000 people, approximately 5-10% raised their hands.

The Three P’s of Attending a Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminar

Shortly after Unilock began manufacturing concrete paving stones and retaining wall systems nearly 44 years ago, we determined that offering contractor training was essential. Our Contractor Advantage Seminars were born from the deep respect we have for the manufacturer/installer partnership that is part of our DNA.

5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are Important to Contractors

The giant doors swing open and the anxious crowd begins to push forward as they shuffle their way into the monstrous convention center. Like kids in a candy store, landscape/hardscape professionals scatter around looking for the vendors they came to see.