Helping to Reduce Labor Gaps with UTEC Online

During the Contractor Advantage Seminars this past year, I asked a question of the attendees. It was a simple question, but a telling one: “How many of you have a training system in place at your company?” I wasn’t expecting so few hands to go up; out of over 1,000 people, approximately 5-10% raised their hands.

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The Three P’s of Attending a Unilock Contractor Advantage Seminar

Shortly after Unilock began manufacturing concrete paving stones and retaining wall systems nearly 44 years ago, we determined that offering contractor training was essential. Our Contractor Advantage Seminars were born from the deep respect we have for the manufacturer/installer partnership that is part of our DNA.

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5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are Important to Contractors

The giant doors swing open and the anxious crowd begins to push forward as they shuffle their way into the monstrous convention center. Like kids in a candy store, landscape/hardscape professionals scatter around looking for the vendors they came to see.

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