Polymeric Sand and Sealers: Putting the finishing touch on your hardscape job, in style

Owners of landscaping businesses across the U.S. and Canada are often on the lookout for growth opportunities. But ambitious small-business owners can easily find themselves spending days (and nights) working to grow their business, taking precious hours away from day-to-day business operations and even personal and family time.

Heated Driveways: What You Need to Know Before Offering This Solution to Homeowners

Contractors who are about to take on a paver driveway project have an excellent business opportunity in front of them: the potential to also install a heated driveway system. Many homeowners who live in snowy regions aren’t even aware that it’s possible to rid their driveway – and even their front walkway and steps – of snow and ice buildup without ever having to shovel again.

Selling Landscape Lighting: Low-Voltage LED Is Here to Stay and so is a Growing Opportunity

Are you integrating outdoor lighting into your hardscape projects? If not, you may be missing out on a large up-sell opportunity. Many contractors in the U.S. and Canada are successfully training their teams to install low-voltage lighting systems and they’re adding a new, substantial revenue stream in the process.